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Choosing a Theme for Your Company Store

We’ve talked about Company Stores before. If you want to read more in depth about what a company store is, visit this blog and come back to this one after. 

Our company store supplier has is pretty amazing and offers multiple themes! All the store themes are easy to work with and fully customizable. Themes make designing your company store extremely easy, with the perks of still making it your own and catering it to your brand!

Clean Theme

This theme is slick and simple. Images are the main focus on this theme, making the products really pop.

Minimal Theme

We always love a stylistic & minimalistic design. This theme really allows your brand colors to pop all throughout the website.

Blocks Theme

This theme gives you more options for adding extra content to the homepage. You can use these or take them away for a cleaner look.

Choose Your Theme

As you can probably see, there is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing a theme. These company stores are all pleasing to the eye and super easy to navigate. Try it out for yourself!

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