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What story are you telling yourself? Do you want to be in control of your life, or are you allowing others to dictate your course? To achieve your marketing goals and define your personal brand, you must first take the lead.

Join Flywheel's Bart Simpson, Matthew Nutt, and Bri Newman on their journey to learn what tactics will create the kind of momentum needed to reach your potential. This monthly podcast will uncover the information you need to break free from mainstream marketing and fulfill your urgency to be great. Through guest interviews, friendly conversations, and debated discussions, it will provide you with the insights and information you need to succeed.

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Matthew Nutt

Chief Revenue Officer
The Influence of Influencers: Navigating Their Impact in the Modern World

In today's digitally-driven world, influencers have emerged as powerful figures shaping our behaviors, attitudes, and purchasing decisions..

Hot Mic: Bold Perspectives and Unfiltered Takes

Hot Mic is a new episode we are introducing that offers a platform for people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to share their...

How to Find Joy in Your Work

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your line of work? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a mundane, uninspiring cycle? It doesn’t have to be that

Navigating Complex Relationships

There can be benefits to working for a family-owned business, but it can also be complicated when your personal and work relationships are..

Embrace Your Weirdness
Bobby Lehew

Step into the world of creativity and marketing with Bobby Lehew, the guru who will take you on a journey of inspiration, innovation, and...

The Boys Are Back In Town
Bri Newman

That's right. You'll definitely want to hear this. We've heard the chatter and the requests to bring the podcast back, and we've done it...

Tommy Thompson
Tommy Thompson

Thompson Coaching and Consulting is the result of thirty years of lessons learned...

commonsku and You
Mark Graham

Buying, selling, filling orders and keeping it all streamlined...

The Greenhouse Effect with Steve Perkins
Steve Perkins

What's your sweetspot? Whether you are an Uber driver or a Fortune 500 CEO, if you aren’t currently exercising...

Going Bananas with Jesse Cole
Jesse Cole

Break dancing baseball coaches, pies to the face, and a banana yellow tuxedo. What could they possibly have to do with you and your brand...

4 Reasons to Utilize Alexa to Grow Your Business
Jeff "The Alexa Guy" Smith

Alexa. You’ve heard about her, seen the catchy commercials, and maybe even have one in your home, but chances are you’ve only begun to...

Coaching The Team... And Yourself
Andriy Kravtsov

What makes you cry? What brings you joy? What are your dreams? Andriy Kravtsov, Global Region Coordinator of Eurasia with the Fellowship...

Committing to Innovation - Part 2
Miguel Morales

In this 2-part podcast episode, the renowned restauranteur shares priceless lessons on how calculated planning in conjunction with...

Committing to Innovation (And what to do when your your kitchen is too small)
Miguel Morales

Even when he was in school, Miguel Morales had the drive to create, innovate and stretch his imagination to make a living. What he didn't...

Creating a Legacy One Step at a Time
Nick Macco

What is does greatness mean to you? Our guests are always asked this one question to kick off our podcast episodes to gather various...

What to Do When You're in a Rut

If you're feeling humdrum about your days, that your routine is a daily grind, that your groove is seeming more like a rut, it's easy to...

Crisis Communication & Community-Focused Marketing

Elisa Myzal is not your typical public relations professional. Sure, she writes press releases and will sometimes host press...

We Are What We Consume

"A moment on the lips; forever on the hips." This old adage is has proven itself to be true for wellness and maintaining a balanced...

What are you worth?

What are you worth? How do you value yourself and your time? The answer to this question is not an easy one. With busy schedules...

Why Content Will Always Be King (When It's Not a Royal Pain)
Jason Skinner

"Content marketing" isn't just another trendy buzzword to throw around in conversation at your next conference. It's a method...

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Taking a leap of faith in your profession can be intimidating, so overwhelming that it holds us and our team back from the potential...

How to Live Like a Boss on the Road

"Every day is a gift." That's how Meghan Kory sees it. As a Territory Manager for Hit Promotional Products, Meghan has made gratitude...

Age vs. Aptitude

People are called to greatness at different points in their lives. We are all inspired by youth who have the inspiration and...

Raising Leaders at Home and in the Workplace

"As a parent, you're a leader from day one." This is something that co-host Matthew Nutt knows well, now a father of three. "

People Pleasing and How to Make it Work for You in Sales & Marketing

Do you stress over creating a playlist for a gathering with your friends? Is the word "no" a rarity in your vocabulary? Do you...

Leaders are Readers

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” The famed journalist and women's rights advocate Margaret Fuller put it plainly that reading...

Building Business Through Relationships

Making a sale isn't about being the most charming or convincing, at least not anymore. Being a talented negotiator isn't a guaranteed...

It Can Be Lonely at the Top

Our podcast co-host, Bart Simpson, has always believed, "You're going nowhere if you're sitting still." Which it why it's not...

Diversified Thinking & Bridging the Technological Gap

Technology is designed to make our lives better and easier, right? And yet technology, particularly in business, can create a...

Servant Leadership & Sales v. Marketing

One of the only other debates that we've seen get more heated than the chicken-and-the-egg controversy is whether sales or marketing...

Emotional Intelligence and Your Leadership & Marketing Potential
Britney Godsey

Over the course your life, it's likely that you will spend at least one-third of your time at work. Crazy realization, right? With that...

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