Elevate your brand with wellness-inspired products! Explore now!
Elevate your brand with wellness-inspired products! Explore now!

Merch That Moves You

We Specialize in Personalized Apparel and Promotional Products that tell Your Brand's Story

We Can Help Tell Your Story.

Every brand has a a story to tell and we want to help you tell yours. Whether you are a new startup or a seasoned company, we are here to help you generate momentum for your brand.

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We're Here to Help!

Do you need branded products for your business? Then, consider Flywheel Brands for your one-stop solution!

Every business wants to reach the height of success, and for that, a brand impression and presence are necessary. If you are looking for professional help, then look no further than Flywheel Brands. We are a branding services company that can provide print products with your brand name or logo. The possibilities are endless! 

We aim to connect people and brands to create powerful, lasting experiences. We're in business to help move your business forward. Everyone on our team is committed to understanding your most important goals and to help you achieve them.

Leave a Long-Lasting Impression with Business Branded Products

Branded company products leave a great impression on customers, and we are here to help you capture the attention of your most important audiences. We want to assist in increasing your brand awareness and driving your engagement.

Flywheel is an ideal partner when it comes to brand marketing and branded products. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a superior buying experience, and we want you to choose to order from us now and for years to come. We take pride in providing unique products with competitive pricing and friendly expertise.

Your One-Stop Shop Corporate Online Store

We are happy to design and create marketing products for your brand. We can create anything ranging from a pen to an employee's uniform. You can get everything you need under one roof. With the custom logo products we have available, we are able to find the right item at the right budget for your project. Other items such as color matching, logo matching or custom design features will be handled by our skilled and knowledgeable team. 

Our team will go the extra mile for you. Every order will be connected to a dedicated sales rep, and they will walk you through the process and help with any questions you may have. Put us to work for you! We love our clients and always strive to deliver products efficiently and on time.

An Affordable Online Shop

Reach out to us today if you want your logo printed on t-shirts, water bottles, apparel or more! We also offer an affordable employee online store. Let us know how we can help you add momentum behind your brand!


1.  What does Flywheel specialize in?

Flywheel specializes in full-service creative marketing solutions including digital marketing, print, company gifts for employees, promotional products, graphics, and signs. We take a customized, hands-on approach to help clients achieve their marketing goals.

2. How can I place an order with Flywheel?

You can place an order with Flywheel by calling our office at (800) 237-0083 or by filling out the form on our website and providing details of your request. One of our team members will contact you to confirm your order and discuss the next steps.

3. Can I customize the products with my logo or branding?

Yes, most products can be customized with your business logo, branding, slogan, or other graphics. Our in-house design team can work with you to create the perfect branded merchandise and company swag.

4. What industries does Flywheel cater to?

We work with clients across many industries including retail, restaurants, professional services, manufacturing, non-profits, and more. No matter your industry, we can craft customized marketing solutions.

5. What is the minimum order quantity for customized products?

Minimum order quantities vary depending on the product. Contact us for specific MOQ information based on your desired promotional products. Discounted pricing may be available for large bulk orders.

6. How can I request a quote for bulk orders?

You can request a customized bulk order quote by calling us at (800) 237-0083 or filling out the form on our website with product and quantity details. We'll provide pricing options tailored to your needs.

7. What payment options are available at Flywheel?

We accept various payment methods, including all major credit cards and other secure payment options. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team.

8. How can I get in touch with Flywheel for additional assistance?

Contact us at (800) 237-0083 or email results@flywheelbrands.com. Our team is standing by to provide assistance and answer any questions.

9. What quality standards do Flywheel products adhere to?

All Flywheel products adhere to high-quality standards and are made with durable, long-lasting materials. We thoroughly vet and inspect all products before fulfilling orders to ensure they meet our strict quality criteria.

10. Does Flywheel offer eco-friendly or sustainable products?

Yes, we have a selection of eco-friendly and sustainable products such as recycled promotional items, natural materials, biodegradable products, and more. Just let us know you're looking for green options.

11. Does Flywheel provide product recommendations based on the industry?

Absolutely. Our team will provide you with recommended products tailored to your specific industry and target audiences. We stay up to date on promotional product trends across all industries.

12. Can I order a mix of different products in one order?

You can absolutely order a mix of different promotional products and customize them with your branding. This is a great way to reach different audiences.

13. Can I collaborate with Flywheel for a custom product design?

We would love to collaborate on a custom-branded product design for your business. Our in-house designing team can create something unique and memorable from scratch. Just contact us to get started.

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