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Do you want to create and sell your own company store branded merchandise? Have you spent days dreaming about an epic swag store but don’t know where to begin? Are you confused as to what exactly is the right online store solution for you and your business?

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Our Solution:

Company Stores for Promotional Products

Here at Flywheel, our online corporate company stores offer the perfect, affordable solution. Whether you are looking for a basic code redemption site to give away your company’s swag, or you are looking for the full package and in need of a comprehensive online company store, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to help your brand build momentum, and an ideal way to do that is to sell online directly to your employees and customers. With an online company store, your employees and customers can have access to your brand 24/7 and browse your products from the comfort of their own homes.

Best Custom Online Company Stores

An online company store also allows you to collect indispensable customer data and attract new customers from across the world. To build your company store today, check out our selection of online company stores for employees below, which ranges from basic swag stores to advanced company stores.

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Get Ultimate Company Store for Employees

To help you choose which option is best for you and answer any questions you may have about our different company stores, we offer weekly company store demos. To request a FREE demo today, simply click the link below.

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Redemption Store

A Redemption Store is a brilliant one-pager that allows your loyal customers, key employees, brand ambassadors and leads to redeem swag and connect with your business online.

A Redemption Store takes just minutes to set up and launch and allows your users to redeem swag in seconds. Once you have built your swag store, all your user needs to do is enter a code and checkout. It literally couldn’t be easier for both you and your customer to promote your brand.


Our most comprehensive online company store, the Advanced Company Store, is the ultimate online company store solution. Packed full of all the features included in the Basic Company Store, the Advanced Company Store provides everything you need to sell online PLUS more.

With custom data collection, coupon codes, micro-stores add-on, and tiered pricing, the Advanced Company Store provides the absolute best customer experience and boost to your sales.

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We offer weekly demos to help you build your own company store. During a demo, our team will walk you through all the available features and answer any questions you may have. To book your demo, simply contact us or email today.
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