Redemption Stores

A Redemption Store is a brilliant one-pager that allows your loyal customers, keyemployees, brand ambassadors and leaders to redeem swag and connect withyour business online.Redemption Stores are built custom to reflect your brand, and allow your users toredeem swag for codes in seconds. Once your store is live, all your user needs todo is enter a code and checkout. It literally couldn’t be easier for both you andyour customer to promote your brand.

Why Our Clients Love Redemption Stores:

Our team manages not only the set up, customization, and launch of your pages, butalso every order after day one, including shipping. This is what it feels like to let orderswork for you.

Easy, Breezy, Storekeeping

Our team manages not only the set up, customization, and launch of your pages, butalso every order after day one, including shipping. This is what it feels like to let orderswork for you.

Say Goodbye to Extra Fees

With Redemption Pages, customers pay with codes. This means no sales tax, shippingfees, or long payment info forms. And that equals extra happy team members, brandambassadors, and more.

Hello, Happy Customers

With codes customized to fit each user experience, your shoppers, brand ambassadors,or team employees actually enjoy redeeming their gifts with their special code. Thismakes them just that much more excited to get into their new gear!

How It Works:

With Redemption Stores, your shoppers, brand ambassadors or team members shop with a code. They enter your store with their code and then redeem their code for their choice of product. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Our extensive backend dashboard allows you to track when and where codes are used,which group each code belongs to, and the order number attached to each use.

Because Redemption Pages are just that, one page, users never get lost oroverwhelmed by the choices. They make their selection while feeling supported by theease of it all along the way.Want to see more? Check out our video demo below, or even better give it a tryyourself!

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If you are ready to get your products flying out the door, theRedemption Store truly is for you! Professional and quick sitebuilding from our team will have you selling products and collectinginsightful customer data right away. And you can rest easy knowingwe handle orders for you. Your customers are waiting


We are offering a limited number of Redemption Store spots and this is a deal you wantto get in on!Redemption Store Set Up: $1000, with a minimum of 10K spend

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Questions You Might Be Thinking

Who is a Redemption Store a good pick for?


A Redemption Store is great for employee retention gifts including holiday oranniversary gifting; customer incentives, and loyal brand ambassador merchandise.

How many products can I have in the store?


Technically, there is no limit. But since all products are listed on just one page, wesuggest keeping it around 10-20. If there are more than that and it becomes anever-ending scroll which isn’t fun for the shopper.

How long does it take to build a Redemption Store?


5 - 7 business days from approval of products.

What kind of support will I get after my store has launched?


We have an incredible in-house support team that’s available to you Monday -Friday (during our business hours) via phone and email.

How do I choose items for my Redemption Store?


Our team of experts will guide you based on your budget, demographic, and visionthat you have for your storefront. We are here to help you win the day and create afantastic experience!

How long should I leave my Redemption Store up?


We recommend running your Redemption Store for no longer than 3 weeks. We willthen aggregate all of the orders and place them into production.

How do I get the codes for the site?


We will provide you with all of the unique codes that you can share with your teamor customers!

Do I have to order and inventory all of the items?


No. We will collect and aggregate all the orders and then place them into productiononce the store closes.

Do my end users have to pay at checkout?


No, they will simply enter their code and proceed to the checkout.

Can you specify how many items each code allows the user to purchase?


Yes. We can customize each code to work for however many products you like.