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The Momentum of We

At Flywheel, we know all about forward movement, and that requires a network. We never want to pigeonhole ourselves or become so inwardly focused we forget about the needs of our community. Instead, we choose to link arms with other powerhouses to push forward BrandGood.


/brand, ɡo͝od/ 
the outcome when we join together for a greater good of community engagement and lift. 
“BrandGood feels good when we commit to it together.”


  • Respect all, all the time.
  • Live as if it is better to give.
  • Actively participate in community development initiatives in our hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Network with and educate businesses by participating in civic and professional organizations.


We and our partners at Reciprocity Road jump at the chance for generosity every year. We are committed to giving back, so we do it together, and this partnership allows us to continue stretching our business benevolence.

In 2021, our collective BrandGood looked like...
  • Serving over 5000 volunteer hours.
  • Giving over 1 million dollars in cash.
  • Donating over 3 million dollars in goods and services.


We and our generosity partners are always considering how we can support organizations who are already doing the good work. We have the privilege to come alongside other organizations with clear vision for a better community, and aim wind into their sails.

  • Chattanooga Foodbank
  • Chattanooga Community Fridge
  • Bethel Bible College
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Reciprocity Road distributors have always given generously to local charities. In addition, each year we select primary charities to support as a group and donate a percentage of our annual savings. In 2021, Chattanooga’s Forrest Spence Fund was chosen as the recipient of the second-quarter grant.

If you would like to contact us about community partnership or how you can create BrandGood, please email us at:
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