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Monster Stick Decals

Monster Stick – The Revolution in Decals for Textured Surfaces!
Unleash the power of Monster Stick, a proprietary product from Flywheel Brands, Inc. that redefines how decals adhere to textured and uneven surfaces. Its unique flexible vinyl, specially designed to contour seamlessly to various textures, sets Monster Stick apart from its competitors. This innovative vinyl is equipped with an aggressive hi-tack acrylic adhesive, making it perfect for challenging applications such as those over rivets or mounting hardware.

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Key Features

  1. Versatile Application: Monster Stick is not just a game-changer in the portable restroom service industry; it's a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Initially developed for portable restrooms, it has found its way into unexpected areas like truck bed liners, carpet backs, golf accessories, pool and spa items, fabric structure buildings, and more.
  2. Perfect for Low Surface Energy Plastics: The hi-tack acrylic adhesive is ideal for low surface energy plastics, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond. This makes Monster Stick the go-to choice for industries dealing with challenging surfaces.
  3. Innovation for All Seasons: Flywheel Brands, Inc. is in the final testing phase of an updated version of Monster Stick that promises to allow decal application even in cooler weather. This is a significant advancement, especially for clients in Northern states and Canada eagerly awaiting this feature.

The Journey of Innovation – Research and Development:

Developing Monster Stick was no small feat. Over 11 months of meticulous research and development went into creating a product that meets the high standards of Flywheel Brands, Inc. Initially inspired by a Minnesota-based company's adhesive for textured restroom surfaces, Flywheel faced challenges with cost and the thickness of the adhesive. The Monster Stick team persevered to create a solution that worked and exceeded expectations.

Customer Feedback – The Proof of Excellence:

The feedback from our valued customers speaks volumes about Monster Stick's performance in the field. While some acknowledge the investment in a custom product, they emphasize the unmatched value of having a decal that stays put, whether on restrooms, fabric buildings, rental equipment, propane tanks, or any surface intended for brand promotion.

Get ready to elevate your decal game with Monster Stick – where innovation meets adhesion perfection. Join us at WWETT 2024 for an exclusive look at the latest Monster Stick advancements!

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