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Making a sale isn't about being the most charming or convincing, at least not anymore. Being a talented negotiator isn't a guaranteed way to seal the deal either. In a time when society is so hyper connected, the demand has actually simplified. People seek to build authentic, lasting relationships.

Why are is relationship-focused business so critical?

  • People don't want to be sold to.
  • People crave a connection.

Kenny and Rachel are two people who are not only experts on establishing  business relationships; they are becoming relationships gurus outside the workplace. Why? Because Kenny and Rachel Morgan are married.

As a creative duo within the Flywheel family, Kenny as our Executive Creative Director and Rachel as our Creative Development Manager, they bring relationship wisdom to the table to foster strong partnerships with people and their companies who are reevaluating a brand's identity or how they communicate with their customers.

People Don't Want to Be Sold To

Sometimes it's all in what you say and how you say it. The Morgan's focus their attention on the people rather than the service to make sure the client's goals are being met.  

​In marketing, one of the greatest mistakes can be assuming what your customers want. The Morgan's explain that because they, "signed up to to do this together," Rachel and Kenny have inherently learned that finding the right solution for someone involves less talking.

"Brands are just trying to realize their greatness," Rachel said. "When no one listens to their vision, reaching their potential is a struggle. Instead, we aim to take ownership over their pursuit. We come to understand what greatness is for them and how we can help."

People Crave a Connection

Talking about goals can still be very high level for some people. Revenue figures and productivity numbers take over the conversation, robbing the conversation of the intimacy or connection that builds a true partnership.

"Obviously there's structure for what we do," Rachel said. "I think we have a really special opportunity as a husband-wife duo to amplify our efforts a little bit. It's so intimate and our words are laced with love and true care for our customers as people. "

Learning more about the story behind the person or the business is what Kenny likes to focus on. He believes that getting to the roots is part of a societal force or demand for simplification in life.

"This force is getting back to things that really matter and that's people," he added. "When you work with companies, you're obviously pushing products and services, but there are people and purposes being these products and services."