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In My White Tee: Why Your Chattanooga Business Needs to Use Promotional T-Shirts

Having trouble getting the word out about your business?

Digital marketing is the go-to tactic for obtaining product awareness and new clientele. But, the issue remains that developing a strong marketing campaign through your online presence only, can be a tricky game. It's difficult to stay up to date with the latest techniques unless you have a dedicated staff member responsible for this area.

So, how can you promote your business without stressing the tech?

Yup! In my white Tee! Everybody loves a good t-shirt! And when someone sees the name of your brand on their chest repeatedly, they are more likely to choose you over the other guy. The more trendy your tee looks, the more often your customer will choose to wear it, further increasing your brand recognition.

So take a look at these

5 reasons a t-shirt is one of the best business-promoting items you can use today.

1. They are a Practical Choice for Your Customers

People love it when they get something that does more than what they bought it for. This is what makes selling promotional shirts, a success with customers.

Sometimes people will buy a shirt just because they like the logo. If your brand can capitalize on the edge of what people are gravitating towards, you have your best form of free publicity. People also buy what they will use. Shirts are easy to sell because people always need something to wear.

While the more novel items are fun for a moment, most often the bracelets, key chains, and buttons find their way to the bottom of the car console within a few weeks. Offering a promotional product that serves a purpose is key.  

2. They’re a Cost-effective Promotional Tactic

Promotional shirts are not only a fun choice for your customers, but they’re also a great choice for your bottom line. T-shirts are a relatively inexpensive item to mass produce. This means that if you’re on a tight budget, you should find little to no trouble finding a design that can meet your needs.

Even better, if you are willing to place a large bulk order, your price point drops even lower. Sure, certain variables like material and fit do affect pricing, but there are soft, comfortable options in every price range.

3. They Can Define Your Brand’s Personality

Promotional tee’s offer the benefit of helping you to define your brand. Let your employees be your personal brand awareness promoters by giving them shirts to wear both at work and in their downtime.  

T-shirts are also completely customizable. This allows you to define the tone of the company through your creativity. A more serious business might opt for a plain design that gives off authority, while a young internet start-up might go for something loud and busy.

4. They Open Up Different Marketing Strategies

What starts with a t-shirt can quickly become something more.  As people become familiar and react to your brand, doors open to different marketing strategies.

Crowdsourcing, or turning your customers into brand ambassadors without having to pay them, is one huge benefit. The idea is simple. Customers or even friends, take pictures of themselves wearing your logo and post them on social media platforms. Your exposure now increases exponentially and you could even find your brand trending.

Regardless, when you logo hits social media, people all over the world will know about your brand and your merchandise. This opens a door to the acquisition of new potential clients. Crowdsourcing can also be an advantage  in building team dynamic within your company.  

Local popularity and brand recognition is another marketing opportunity that can come from promotional shirts. Most people who buy your shirts will be from your local area which helps to increase the buzz about your business around you, and helps you generate a faster return on investment from local buyers.

5. They’re a Long-Lasting Promotional Tactic

The difference between shirts and other promotional items is their longevity. People will keep a good t-shirt until it is completely worn away. In most cases the life of a tee extends far beyond a particular marketing campaign or event.

This gives you more advertisements in the future for free. This also means that you’ll likely attract younger generations of customers as well. As you can see, this is a great way to ensure your brand’s finances become cemented for its future.

Use Promotional T-Shirts Today

Investing in promotional t-shirts is a smart move for your company. No matter what, they’re a reliable way to promote your brand. Be sure to check out how to get your whole team involved the process by clicking here. *** how to design company shirts

Ready to get your logo on a tee?

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