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8 Small Business Promotional Items You Should Utilize

8 Small Business Promotional Items You Should Utilize

Small business promotional items help capture brand interest and engagement for your customers. Here are 8 promotional products you should always offer.
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For small businesses, creating brand interest is critical for future success. If you don’t get your name out there, your larger competitors will run you into the ground. In fact, a little over 50% of small businesses fail within four years.

The good news is, there are now many ways to market your business and get your brand in front of more eyes. And this doesn’t only include digital marketing.

Using promotional items at trade shows, conferences, and as gifts is an effective way to keep your brand on people’s minds. This may seem a little old-school, but it works.

If you’d like to start taking advantage of promotional materials, but don’t know where to start, keep reading. We’re going over eight small business promotional items you should consider.

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1. Tote Bags and Backpacks

One of the most popular promotional product ideas is bags. These could be small tote bags, backpacks, or recyclable grocery bags.

The great thing about giving out a branded bag is the recipient instantly becomes a walking advertisement for your business. They’ll also get a lot of personal use out of the bag, which keeps your business on their mind.

The most important factor when creating promotional bags is quality. Make sure the bags you use are durable and look nice. If you give away something that’s cheaply made, it’ll likely end up at the bottom of someone’s closet.

2. Branded Mugs and Glasses

Another item people get a lot of use out of is a coffee mug. Using these as promotional gifts is a great idea, regardless of the industry you’re in.

Coffee mugs are perfect if your clientele or partners work in an office. Who doesn’t have a favorite mug they use at work?

Bars and restaurants are also good candidates for branded cups. Get creative by using pint glasses, tumblers, or shot glasses as promotional items.

If you’re in the health or fitness industry, branding a thermos or water bottle provides something your client base will use every day.

3. Pens

This idea may sound too simple and outdated, but it’s very effective. Branding pens is a classic way to advertise your business and it hasn’t gone out of style. Probably because people always take notice of what’s written on a pen.

A huge benefit of promotional pens is they’re affordable. Have a large number of them made and give them out wherever you can.

Keep your branding pens all over your office, restaurant, or hotel. When someone uses one, tell them to keep it.

If you’re a tech company, put your name on tablet stylus pens to appeal to your target audience. You really can’t miss with this promotional item.

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4. Tech Gadgets

When it comes to useful promotional items, you can’t go wrong with tech gadgets. They work for a wide range of industries.

When branding tech gadgets, you’ve got a number of options. Phone covers, USB charges, flash drives, and mouse pads are all customizable.

Your potential clients will appreciate these promotional gifts because they’re all things they need anyway. You’re sure to leave a lasting impression by giving them away at your next trade show.

Aside from promoting your business, branded tech gadgets show you’re modern and up-to-date on everyday tools needed to do business.  

5. Health Products

If your small business is in the wellness, fitness, or medical industry, using branded health products as promotional items just makes sense. There are a number of options available.

Lip balm and hand sanitizer are two very popular ideas. They’re also very affordable.

You could even give away branded first aid kits or sunscreen. These items are perfect for trade shows or in small gift bags.

If you’re in the fitness industry, consider branded gym bags, yoga mats, or towels. These will get a lot of use and are great advertising tools.

6. Apparel

Branded apparel is one of the most versatile promotional ideas. There are a wide range of options and any type of business can use them.

Caps are one of the most popular promotional apparel items. What better way to promote your business than by slapping your logo on the front of a hat.

T-shirts are also very effective and offer a lot of room for creativity. Incorporate your business logo and come up with a tag line people will remember. You can also provide options for men, women, and kids.

Branded ponchos are great for promotional giveaways. They’re useful and also advertise your business prominently.

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7. Golf Accessories

This is a popular promotional item in the sales and marketing industry. Golf accessories are also great promotional gifts for executives.

Are you asking yourself what type of golf items could possibly have branding applied to them? It turns out there are quite a few.

Branded golf balls will surprise people and stand out in their memory. You can even brand golf tees and ball marker hat clips.

An umbrella is another great promotional idea your potential clients and partners will enjoy having out on the course. You could also have custom golf shirts made.

If you have a client you know plays golf, send them a goody bag of golf accessories as a way to say thank you for their business.

8. Sunglasses

Who doesn’t need a backup pair of sunglasses? This promotional idea is fun, effective, and sure to be a hit at trade shows.

The great thing about sunglasses is people always have a pair laying around. Plus, like a hat, your business gets direct exposure.

The type of sunglasses you give away should cater to your industry. If you’re a modern, tech company, opt for wild colors. If you’re in the fashion industry, go with something sleek and stylish.

Take Advantage of These Small Business Promotional Items

Promotional giveaways are a surefire way to bring in more business and put some free advertising out there. As a smaller organization, you can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity.

Keep these small business promotional items in mind when you’re getting ready for your next trade show or just want to show your clients how much you care.

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