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How to Design Awesome Company Shirts

How to Design Awesome Company Shirts

Designing awesome company shirts isn't easy. If you want a cool shirt for the office, you'll have to follow these steps to get the best design.

Proving company shirts to your employees promotes your brand, asserts professionalism, is a great way to advertise, and can support your overall marketing strategy. And you can bet your employees would rather wear a comfortable t-shirt or polo than any other kind of uniform.

Read on to learn what you need to know about business shirt design.

     • Consider Your Brand Values

When coming up with company shirt ideas, remember that the shirt is a walking business card or an elevator pitch. You want the people who see your shirt to have an accurate representation of who you are and what you stand for.

Though you only use a handful of words and images, we all know a picture is worth a thousand words.

By strategically thinking about what company values you want to portray on your custom company t-shirt designs, you'll be able to narrow in on the key characteristics setting you apart from the competition. Once you identify those, you can translate them into your company t-shirt designs.

Employee Imput is Important for Company Shirts

     • Get Your Employee's Input

Company t-shirts have the benefit of uniforms. They build internal solidarity, identify staff to customers, and help you enforce a dress code. Yet, they are better than traditional uniforms because they are more comfortable and more fun!

One way you can build internal solidarity is by asking your workers for their opinions. Of course, you want the people who will be wearing the t-shirts to like them, so you should get their feedback.

You may gather the team together to brainstorm ideas before you start designing. Or you can have them vote for their favorite designs once you have a few options you are considering.

     • Simple Details Win

The small details of a t-shirt can show off a strong concept. If your design is more elaborate, you'll need to go with a simple color palette to avoid sensory overload on your t-shirt designs.

Some of the best t-shirt designs are simple and to the point. There's nothing wrong with that. But you run the risk of being boring.

Consider what unexpected elements you can add to your design to give interest to your t-shirts.

     • Choose the Right Colors for Your Company Shirts

Color psychology has long been used to present certain connotations in company brands.

In a recent study, researchers found that when people make instant judgments about products, 90% of their basis has to do with just the color.

If you have brand colors already, great. Use those with complementary colors in your design.

Remember that colors on your screen don't always translate perfectly onto a t-shirt. Use RGB or CYMK colors to ensure the final product is going to look like your design.

Typography is Important for Company Shirts

     • Don't Neglect Typography

Your font size and style play a big part in how customers will perceive your brand.

Thinking about colors and images is not enough. Even the text size you choose will have an impact on how you present yourself.

It's vital that you keep readability at the forefront of your design. If words are illegible, you might as well not have them on the shirt in the first place. In fact, it will detract from your reputation.

If you want people to be able to read the words on the shirts from a passing glance, legibility must trump appearance. Keep in mind that serif fonts look more traditional and formal while sans-serif fonts look more modern.

     • Think About Body Types

Your company shirts will be on a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. You want to make sure your text and image placement is appropriate for any chest.

This will mean you may need to be strategic about where on the t-shirt you place certain images or text.

     • Add a Splash of Humor

You have chosen a t-shirt instead of a button-up shirt for your employees. This means you're probably a little more laid back than some workplaces.

You probably wouldn't be opposed to making people smile when they come into your business, right?

You can deliver a great customer service experience to your customers without saying a word. A bit of fun in your t-shirts can get your interactions with customers started on the right foot.

Don't try to go for complicated jokes, here. Keep it easy and accessible. Anyone should "get" your humor.

Always consider your target market to get the humor just right.

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     • Don't Just Follow Trends

It's a great idea to research the t-shirts that are trending right now. But you don't want to copy what others are doing.

For one thing, it's not original. And by the time you get the t-shirt and start wearing them, chances are the trends have moved on. Then you'll be stuck with outdated shirts.

Instead, think about the trends and use them as a diving board towards an original design which is 100% true to your brand.

     • Would People Buy This?

Whenever you are working on your designs, think about if people would pay to own that t-shirt. If so, you have a winner on your hand.

In fact, you could sell the t-shirts to make extra income and promote your business. It's a win-win.

     • Use the Best Printer

When ordering custom apparel, you'll want to choose a reputable and established provider.

Without a good printer, even great designs will be a flop on the physical shirts. Make the most of your awesome design by choosing a printer that has a proven track record of satisfied customers.

     • Bottom Line

Thanks for reading. We hope this guide on how to design the best company shirts has been useful.

Follow these guidelines and you are on your way to a successful print campaign your customers and your employees will love.

At Flywheel, we offer creative print solutions for a wide range of clients. Check out our selection of promotional materials for cost-effective marketing.

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