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Trendy Tech and Accessories: How to Revamp your Marketing

Staying on the edge of tech trends can be a game-changer when marketing your brand. But because of the ever-evoloving and fast paced tech industry, its difficult to be confident that you are on the front lines. Let us do the work for you. Most of the latest trends you are drawn to can be customized for your specific needs right here at Flywheel. We've pulled together a list of the latest in tech accessories that we think will also help you start brainstorming how you can more effective market your brand.

1. 4Corners™ USB Wall Charger

As low as $17.99 each

The 4Corners™ is a USB wall charger with 4 charging ports. The flip up and down prongs make it compact and great for travel. It's one of those products that everyone loves to have because it is so versatile! Therefore, this is a prime promo product to serve as a daily billboard for your brand or message. Order as few as 1!



2. Rawhyde™ Tech Taco Cord Organizer

As low as $2.39 each

We've shown you tech taco designs before, but nothing as sleek as this! The Rawhyde is a cord organizer and management tool made with real leather. Simply wind cords into a small circle, insert them into the Rawhyde, and snap to close. Add your logo for custom laser etching today and start standing out from the competition!



3. FoldOver™ Cord Organizer

As low as $2.99 each

Like the Tech Taco design but you're looking for something sleeker? The Foldover is a leather cord organizer for all your customers' small cords and cables. The premium metal snap ensures that all cords stay coiled while stored in a pocket or bag. We find this to be perfect for new employees, a small token for a prospect gift or even a trade show giveaway item.



4. BackStrap™ TAB Organizing & Security Strap

As low as $2.99 each

The Backstrap TAB is a multi-functional protector that allows your customers to store cards or documents between it and the device. It can also be used to get a better grip while in use. Just slide your fingers or hand between it and the device. It's sure to boost brand awareness!



5. Squ-EZ™ Pouch

As low as $2.99 each

The Squ-EZ Pouch is swag that stores and protects glasses and phones, while also serving as a silky soft microfiber cleaning cloth for lenses and screens. With a unique spring mechanism, your customers will never have to worry about zippers or drawstrings to keep the pouch closed. Our team has picked the Squ-EX as a perfect direct mail or trade show giveaway item!  



6. Snap-In™ Cord Organizer &

Snap-In™ Cord Organizer XL

As low as $1.49&$1.69each

The Snap-In is the most user-friendly cord management tool on the market. Simply wind your cord into a coil, insert into the ring and snap closed. This is something your clients are missing and will love when you gift one with your brand's logo!

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                                                             >> VIEW XL VERSION


7. KANGA™ Wallet

As low as $6.99each

The KANGA holds up to 7 cards with ease and includes a hidden compartment. With 3M adhesive, it securely attaches to cell phone with no sticky residue. The elastic strap closure also helps keep valuables secure. Choose from brown faux leather or black carbon fiber for a premium look to couple with your brand.



8. Road Trip® Charging Station

As low as $12.99each

This charging station fits in the cup holder of your client's car with YOUR logo and branding. Complete with three built-in USB ports, they will be able to charge up to three devices at once and store additional objects such as pocket change, pens or spare cash for their kids' lunch money. Order as few as 1!



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