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Company Stores: Why You Probably Need One.

If you’re looking for a way to provide your employees with a unique, and easy, way to restock all their company gear needs, then look no further than online company stores! What is an online company store, though, and how does it differ from an online retail store? When we visit an online retail store, we as the consumer have to sift through a myriad of offerings from a company or companies. It’s a lot of hassle and we often leave wondering if we truly got the best option. An online company store, however, is designed to allow employees to quickly and easily get your branded corporate merchandise. Your employees can pick from a group of products ranging from things like shirts, lanyards, mugs, hats, etc., and have them shipped directly to them! 

What’s the benefit?

It’s easy to ask yourself why it would be beneficial to offer your employees this kind of service when they can just request new shirts through the infrastructure in the office. Why change what is already working? But is it working? Do your employees feel valued through the current way they get new brandedmerchandise? Most likely not, so why would you let the people who keep your company running feel unappreciated? Using an online company store for your employees shows that you’ve taken the time to make this process easy and hassle-free for them. But it's not just easier for them! Working with Flywheel to create your company store makes it easier for you as a company as well. We take away your responsibility to process and produce the order and handle all of that on our end. We’re hands-on, so you can be hands-free.

What Can They Do?

Online company stores are a great way to reward your employees. You can give them "credit" for your store and let them pick out the company merch that they want! This way, your employees will always have company merch that they’re excited about and want to have. These are also great for employees that are prone to stains or losing their stuff. They can easily get replacements for their company gear through the online store, and save themselves some embarrassment by asking corporate for another shirt. 

So, Why Flywheel?

Where does Flywheel come into all of this talk of "online company stores"? Like we said earlier, we’re hands-on so you can be hands-free. We pick out the best options for you and your employees and take away the stress of digging through all those options. We have taken the time to develop intentional relationships with our suppliers, so we know that we're getting you high-quality items. Next, we’ll take care of getting your brand on whatever you select, whether that be a mug, water bottle, shirt, hat, or notebook. We’ve got you covered in no time. And finally, we’ll keep up with inventory for you as well! This makes sure that when your employees order products, they get shipped out quickly and efficiently! Flywheel makes sure that your online company store is low-risk and low-maintenance, helping you focus on your business and make it a success!

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