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Staff Gift Guide: 11 of the Best Branded Gifts for Employees

Your company wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for your hard-working employees. Show them your appreciation through some swag! Gifting them something they'll enjoy will not only raise morale, but it'll help you spread brand awareness. Employees carrying or wearing your logo is free and effective marketing. If they genuinely want to use the things gifted to them, they'll use them in their daily lives wherever they go.

So kill two birds with one stone by getting branded gifts for employees at your office. Stay away from the boring pens and notebooks and check out these top 11 suggestions instead!

Canvas Bags

Everyone has the need for carrying their belongings from A to B, so this is a gift all your employees are sure to appreciate. By choosing a well-designed canvas bag, you can provide them with a bag for multiple purposes. It can be used in place of a purse, to put groceries in, or for storing things in the home.

The canvas bag is great for increasing brand awareness since the likelihood of your employees carrying it in public is high. Your design can ensure your brand name will be prominently displayed.


Speakers are a fun gift that are useful and versatile. Whether in the office, home gym, or car, your employees can use this product. With battery-operated ones, they can even bring them along to gatherings with friends and family.

Frisbees and Other Toys

When you gift your employees with recreational items, you're telling them that you care about their well-being; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, after all. Save the typical branded pens and notebooks for your clients, and opt for frisbees and other fun toys for your workers.

T-Shirts and Sweaters

If your employees have t-shirts with beautiful designs on them, they'll be more motivated to not only wear them around the office but outside of work as well. Choose one day of the week for all employees to wear your logo to the office. This can boost morale, as they see themselves working as one cohesive unit.

If you do gift them t-shirts, don't forget to throw in sweaters too! That way, once colder temperatures arrive, your employees can still wear branded gear without being chilly.

Tech Accessory Kits

Thinking of going more practical instead of fun? Then tech accessory kits are a great way of giving your employees a gift they'll find useful. These can come with things like a drawstring pouch, earbuds, silicone phone wallet, and power bank.

These kits can help out your workers in a pinch if their phone runs out of battery while out and about. They can even lend the items in the bag to their friends and family, which can help spread your brand's name.


Who says branded items can't be fashionable? Choose a chic and comfy beanie to give to your employees. If it's cold often where you live, then your workers can get lots of use out of this gift. With your brand name prominently stitched into the beanies, you'll get lots of exposure while your employees wear them out.

Wine and Cheese Board Set

Go all out with your employee gifts by giving them a wine and cheese board set. While some branded gifts can look and feel cheap, this one won’t! When your employees have dinner parties and bring out this gift to use, all their guests will be impressed that their employer gave them such a nice present. They'll associate your brand name with the class, style, and quality.


You can never have too many magnets; in fact, some people like to collect them. Help your employees add to their collections and keep things nice and secure on their refrigerators with branded magnets. If you have a company mascot, it can be a cute design to put on your magnets. That way, whenever your employees go to the fridge, they are reminded of the company they feel passionate about.

Treats and Goodies

You can't go wrong with treats and goodies, especially if it's stuff like chocolate, popcorn, and cookies. It'll feel like Christmas day at your workplace, even in July! Every time your employees snack from their goodie basket, they'll remember who supplied it. And if they're on a diet, if they pass on the gift to someone else, they'll get to see that your company's generous and takes care of their own.

Water Bottles

If you have an office full of people who are oriented towards exercise and sports, plastic water bottles can be a thoughtful gift. They'll have something that's easy to grab and bring to the gym or out on a run. Look for sleek and ergonomic water bottles that have good lip designs. If they're not easy to carry or leak easily, your employees will be discouraged from bringing their water bottles everywhere.


On the other hand, if your office is full of couch potatoes, consider getting them a gift that'll motivate them to get healthier. Sitting for long periods of time can increase your risk for health issues; typically, employees don't get much physical activity while at work. By having pedometers for each of your employees, it can result in a fun activity for them. They may start gathering for a group walk after lunch to get their numbers up, which can help interpersonal relationships in the office. Also, if they're more active, your employees will feel refreshed and more productive for work.

Get the Best Gifts for Employees

Gifts for employees don't have to be boring. As you can see, there are many choices available to you that can paint you as the employer that's in-tune with what their workers want. These unique gifts for employees are guaranteed to put smiles on their faces. And the added bonus? You'll raise brand awareness too!

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