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April 1, 2024

5 Company Merch Store Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

The shift to remote and hybrid work over the past couple of years has created new challenges for companies looking to connect with employees away from the office 9-5. One great way to bridge that gap is through company merch and promotional gifts tailored specifically for remote staff.

A company merch store is a fun way to make remote employees feel seen, valued, and part of the team. Thoughtful gifts can go a long way toward boosting morale and engagement. When people feel genuinely connected to an organization's culture and mission, they're more likely to enjoy their work and stick around longer term.  

But what kinds of corporate gifts resonate with remote employees specifically? Here are five merch store ideas to delight your distributed workforce:

Cozy Work-From-Home Apparel

Comfy hoodies, slippers, pajama pants — cozy work-from-home apparel is a foolproof remote employee gift. Consider adding your company logo and fun, motivational messages like "Don't Disturb – WFH in Progress." It's a thoughtful way to acknowledge the unique lifestyle of remote employees while enabling them to wrap themselves in your brand.

For extra points, use materials conducive to working from home, like moisture-wicking fabrics or pockets for pens and phones. Employees will appreciate these purposeful design choices that make their lives easier.  

Self-Care & Wellness Items  

Balancing work and personal responsibilities at home can take a toll. Remote employees often struggle to maintain healthy habits and robust mental health. Deliver care packages centered on self-care, such as candles, cozy socks, herbal tea, face masks, Epsom bath salts, and adult coloring books. Organic snacks, water bottles, and insulated lunch bags nurture employees' well-being.  

Wellness-focused gift bundles encourage remote staff to prioritize self-care. They demonstrate that leadership cares about employees as whole people — not just productive units. The items offer practical support that remote workers can incorporate into daily routines.

Digital Accessories

Does your remote team spend all day on video conferences? Help them show up looking sharp with ring lights to improve lighting. Where headphones reduce ambient noise and let remote staff hear clearly. Consider portable green screens for branding video calls with company logos or other backgrounds.

For broader mobility, multi-device chargers, backup batteries, and wireless mouse options untether employees from their desks. Protective laptop sleeves and bags let remote workers compute comfortably from the couch or coffee shop. All improve the remote work experience.

Unique Office & Lifestyle Upgrades

Home office furniture and innovative lifestyle accessories make working remotely more enjoyable and convey the message that remote roles are here to stay.

Ergonomic desks, advanced chairs, and monitor stands to boost health. Cozy throw blankets, stylish mug warmers, indoor herb gardens, and unique bookends increase functional comfort. Corporate cufflinks, silk ties, watch boxes, and other accessories blend remote work with the rest of your life.

Items facilitating an organized, uplifting home office environment empower remote teams to perform at their best. Premium corporate gifts in this category also help remote workers feel valued as individual contributors.

Sentimental Employee Recognition Gifts  

Company store promotions primarily aim at revenue and branding risk, overlooking intrinsic human motivations. Remote employees, in particular, need to know their work is meaningful and appreciated. Company gifts for employees like branded notebooks, plaques, or glassware don't always resonate emotionally.

Instead, give personalized employee recognition gifts like digital photo frames flashing shout-outs. Engrave succulents or teaspoons with "#1 Remote Employee" to delight recipients. Thoughtful presents that spark nostalgia and clarity around accomplishments truly move remote workers.

Emphasize Each Individual's Value

Getting creative with merch store gifts explicitly tailored to remote teams shows that leadership understands distributed work dynamics. Company promotional items that communicate coziness, mobility, tech-savvy, and sentimentality give remote employees gifts they'll use and cherish as individuals. The thought and care put into selecting and sending items underscores that, although remote, distributed staff remain valued members of the corporate family. Everyone wins with purposeful merch gifting.

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