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Elite Company Pages

Elite Company Stores are our most comprehensive online e-commerce solution for your company.

The Elite Company Stores includes everything you get with a Redemption Store page plus more. From custom data collection, points programs, permissions and ACH, the Elite Company Store offers an extensive list of integrations to make your store as unique as your company.


Questions You Might Be Thinking

How many products can I have in the store?

Technically, there is no limit. But we suggest keeping it around 10-20 to prevent an overwhelming experience for your customer.

How long does it take to build an Elite Company Store?

3-4 weeks from approval of products.

What kind of support will I get after my store has launched?

We have an incredible in-house support team that’s available to you Monday -Friday (during our business hours) via phone and email.

How do I choose items for my Elite Company Store?

Our team of experts will guide you based on your budget, demographic, and vision that you have for your storefront. We are here to help you win the day and create a fantastic experience!

How long should I leave my Elite Company Store up?

It’s up to you! Your Elite Company Store can remain for as long as you like.

How do I get the codes for the site?

We will provide you with all of the unique codes that you can share with your team or customers!

Do I have to order and inventory all of the items?

No. We will collect and aggregate all the orders and then place them into production once the store closes.

Do my end users have to pay at checkout?

Yes, there’s multiple ways for your end users to pay at checkout including: Custom Payment Methods, Credit Card Gateways, Gift Certificates, Coupon Codes, Points, and Account Balances.

Can you specify how many items each code allows the user to purchase?

Yes. We can customize each code to work for however many products you like.

Is there an annual spend for an Elite Company Store?

Yes. A minimum requirement of 100k annually.

Why Our Clients Love Redemption Stores:

Our team manages not only the set up, customization, and launch of your pages, but also every order after day one, including shipping. This is what it feels like to let orders work for you.

Easy, Breezy, Store keeping

Our team manages not only the set up, customization, and launch of your stores, but every order after day one, including shipping. This is what it feels like to let orders work for you.

We Put Custom in Customer

From user permissions top-tiered pricing, Elite Company Stores truly tailor the shopping experience to each user based on your preferences. You can even turn on Manager Order Approvals to manage particular users’ orders, even before they check out.

Inventory Never Felt So Easy

With Elite Company Stores, you’ll get notifications when it’s time to restock. Our in depth inventory management dashboard plus custom data collection mean no productor team member slips through the cracks. Keep track of outgoing products and incoming users with clear, concise data.

Penny Pinch Where it Matters

Save with shipping integrations that automatically offer you the best of prominent carriers and shipping methods/rates. And don’t let taxes catch you off guard with realtime calculations for thousands of locales.

How It Works:

Elite Company Stores are our most dynamic storefront offering you limitless capability. We create a modern storefront tailor-fit to your brand, and your customers can access an effortless shopping experience. Elite Company Stores translate easily to mobile use, offer tons of integrations like points earning programs, and have a clean, detailed backend that stores product and customer data.

Similar to our Redemption Page, your customers can use coupon codes to redeem products, but they can also pay via points, credit cards, account balances and more.

Because Elite Company Stores are built custom, users experience a seamless transition from your site that communicates your brand from homepage to check out.We manage every order, end-to-end, from cart to delivery. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Want to see more? Check out our video demo below, or even better give it a try yourself!

explore elite store

If you are ready to go all-in, the Elite Company Store truly is the only option for you. Professional and quick site-building from our team will have you selling products and collecting insightful customer data right away. And you can rest easy knowing we handle orders for you. There really is no better option.


We are offering a limited number of Elite Company Store spots and this is a deal you want to get in on. Elite Company Stores setup start at $5,000 depending upon your unique stores requirements.

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