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What to Do When You're in a Rut

If you're feeling humdrum about your days, that your routine is a daily grind, that your groove is seeming more like a rut, it's easy to want to bounce out. Because Western culture (and our economy) tends to be built on things and experiences that we don't have as individuals, the desire for something new is a relative constant in our lives.

Rather than quit a job or give up a new hobby, there are ways to confront the rut, which can turn that feeling of boredom or dissatisfaction into positive energy for being a strong leader.

Co-hosts Bart Simpson and Matthew Nutt discuss this cyclical dilemma in the latest episode of the Momentum Marketing podcast by dissecting the frustration and identifying ways to keep things fresh.


Throughout their discussion, they touch on 5 different ways to get reenergized. Here's a snippet of those points, but be sure to listen for more in-depth ideas on how (and why) these tactics can be successful.

5 Ways to Reenergize Yourself (or Your Workplace Team)

1. Get Out of Dodge

Sometimes, a change of scenery can do the trick to shake off the cobwebs. Take a long weekend and rest. Get in touch with what energizes you, whether that be nature or your loved ones. For your team, it's easy to host a regular meeting offsite or organize a mini retreat for your department. You can discuss business-related matters, but by interjecting interactive activities or encouraging communication, everyone will have a chance to bond or reconnect that would otherwise be a challenge at the office. Changing the context for work can also stimulate creativity and brainstorming when a mental block has plateaued your progress.

2. Broaden Your Network

Meeting new people has a number of benefits, one being creating new business opportunities. This could be new customers, collaborative partners, investors, vendors or mentors. In some cases, it might just be broadening your network in a way that will connect you with the right people when a new opportunity or challenge presents itself in the future. Being around like-minded or highly driven people can also create a fantastic source of energy...for you both! There are times when a little networking can also push you (or your team) outside of their comfort zone. By getting away from the intraoffice chat tool and out in the real world, they can exercise their on-the-fly selling, elevator speeches or basic communication skills.

3. Welcome a Fresh Perspective

Again, people energize people. By "phoning a friend", you can easily break through mental blocks. Seek out a mentor, someone you can regularly lean on; contact a professional organization like your local Chamber of Commerce; or tap into your network for specialized help with big endeavors like goal-setting or growth strategizing. It's also important to budget time for any "big picture" projects. As they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither will your business empire or headlining marketing career. Tuning into a podcast, reading a CEO biography or outlining your 5-year plan all require time and some additional resources. Make the time.

4. Take Care of #1

If you are not in your optimal state, you can't expect perfection (or anything close to it) from yourself. This is especially true if you have a family or team of subordinates counting on you. If you don't have enough energy for yourself, how can you provide them with what you've committed to offering? Consider your physical health. Do you exercise to reduce stress? Are you sleeping enough to have a clear mind? What about the fuel (food) that you consume? Is it actual food with nutrients or the cheapest thing on the fast food menu? Your mental wellbeing is critical too. Feed your brain with knowledge but also give it the rest it needs with music and laughter. If spirituality is important to you, make the time, and perhaps consider practicing meditation or yoga to center the mind.

5. Share the Wealth

If you've broken down the barriers before, be a resource for others. Your positivity and success can benefit your family and team members in ways that you may not realize. You can do this by mentoring one person, guiding others in their career or readdressing your "open door policy" to welcome more communication with your team. By being a positive influence, you'll also begin to attract more positive people in your circle. It's just a fact of nature!


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