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Taking a leap of faith in your profession can be intimidating, so overwhelming that it holds us and our team back from the potential that we see for ourselves.

In our most recent podcast, we chat about the people who face this almost daily: the entrepreneur. If you’re already an entrepreneur or are looking to embark on your own adventure, check it out!

For this post, we wanted to encourage those who are aspiring to be more entrepreneurial in their own lane, from marketing to sales and everything in between.

So, what does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset?

Entrepreneurs are aggressive and laser-focused on what they want. They don’t allow nay-sayers to influence their vision. Their independence allows them be the trailblazers necessary to persevere though all the speed bumps along the way. By being more of a lion than a lamb, you can harness that energy into being productive in your endeavors.

Entrepreneurs are also contributors. As movers and shakers, they are inherently change agents. With this kind of attitude, anyone can establish a reinvented mission, whether it be personal or professional, within their professional role.

True entrepreneurs are also almost always winners. The drive and vision takes them to a level of success on their own terms. If you're seeking to tap into your own inner winner and push the limits on what you've been doing, consider honing in on these entrepreneurial character traits:

  • High Resiliency | Their tolerance to rejection is always something to strive for.
  • Flexible | They are able to pivot and adjust their methods on the spot to be successful.
  • Open-Minded | They're willing to consider new ideas and avenues, not narrow in their scope of thinking
  • Extreme Self-Confidence | It's not an ego thing. They just believe in their vision and go after it!
  • High Visualization Skills | Again with vision—this is a trait that allows them to actually see themselves as a success, which in turn motivates them to keep going.
  • Analytical Problem-Solver | Rather than pushing an idea, they tend to focus on a universal problem or a pain point of their client in order to offer up a menu of solutions.
  • Highly Networked | Entrepreneurs are not idle. They get out there and meet people. They see value in all relationships even if they're not an immediate contributor for the mission at hand. They also see the importance of finding mentors, people who have experienced the pains of being independent in order to avoid the same pitfalls.
  • Self-Investment | Whether it's reading, attending seminars and networking events, tuning into a podcast, or earning a certification, entrepreneurs are always on a mission to improve themselves. They spend their time (and funds) wisely so that it always supports the path they're pursuing.
  • Millionaire Mindset | There's a special something that makes these individuals to want to always set the bar higher or set another goal once one’s been achieved. We know some people who seem to only take a minute to celebrate before they're onto the next endeavor!

The purpose of our Flywheel podcast is to bring about wisdom and growth, to help our listeners, become better and more effective leaders.

We are a brand-marketing company, but we believe we can reach beyond that and impact each other’s lives.