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"Every day is a gift." That's how Meghan Kory sees it. As a Territory Manager for Hit Promotional Products, Meghan has made gratitude her daily focus what with her wildly busy travel schedule. And while she strives to maintain positive partnerships and effective daily communication with around 300 clients, it's been a challenging learning experience for "how to live like a boss on the road". Read on (or tune in) for tips on how this Millennial road warrior has found balance in her life while still being a "rising star" in her industry.


While traveling far and wide from her home-base in Nashville, Meghan has set some ground rules for herself in order to stay on-point for her job while not neglecting herself. "You want to make sure that you're personally and mentally and physically keeping care of yourself because when you're out on the road, you can run yourself dry. And if you're not taking care of yourself, you're not going to be able to present or work well." So how does she make it happen?

Have you ever booked your business flight to the wrong city? Meghan has!

  • Stop and Smell the Roses | There is always time to take in a little of the local flavor when you visit places. Meghan says that enjoying the culture, history, people and sites of a city play a huge part in enjoying her trips and life as a traveling professional.
  • Create Me-Time | Whether you take 20 minutes to meditate, sit in silence, listen to music or read, these are great options for recharging while on the road. Even extroverts, though they enjoy the interpersonal interactions, may benefit from carving out a little alone time after a day of peopling!
  • Speaking of Reading... | Meghan says reading is a great way for her to unplug and dive into some time completely unrelated to work. From audiobooks to good old paperbacks, taking time to read can reduce stress, clear your mind and even help you transition from one task or environment to another.
  • Set Firm Personal Boundaries | If you like to run daily, carve out that time and stick to it. Touch every task that's pending before the day or week is out so you can have the evening or weekend to yourself. When you're with friends and family, be with friends and family; turn off your phone and set your out-of-office as needed. When these boundaries are followed, it establishes more balance in your life.

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