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Welcoming Employees

This is part 7 of a mini-series called "Refreshing Ideas," containing examples of marketing strategies different businesses have used.

The HR team at Tech Cloud puts a high priority on staff engagement, training, and supporting their business’ mission of building technology to create cleaner air for large cities. Awaiting each new employee on their first day is a kit filled with inspirational products that are useful at home and at work.

Products made from recycled, reclaimed, and renewable materials were chosen to support their initiatives:

-a 16oz. Double-walled tumbler made with 51% reclaimed wheat straw

-an eco-tote made with 80%  recycled PET plastic

-a winning combination for quick notes and creative ideas: stylish pens made from 100% recycled PET plastic with a 100% recycled kraft journal 

Employees are so important and deserve to feel that way! Tech Cloud showed their employees how important they are while also showing them the importance of their brand’s mission with products that support that.

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