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Trending: Giveaways Edition

Have you ever gone on Instagram and saw you've been tagged in a post? The excitement you feel because you think your friend wants to show you a funny meme or something, but it turns out they just tagged you in another random giveaway post again. In the Grand scheme of things, getting tagged in random giveaways are 100% annoying - but winning them hits different.

We are here to tell you every reason giveaways are extremely beneficial in this time of age from a business standpoint, & why it's cool to get the community involved.

Here's why businesses love giveaways: 

  • Boosts social platforms 
  • Generates leads
  • Increases sales
  • Reaches new customers from other social platforms
  • Encourages a sense of community

& of course more.

We will say, giveaways need a lot of attention and thought. There are specific steps you have to take to reach your audience and to get everyone pumped for potentially winning something. Big or Small. We prefer BIG!

When planning your giveaway you have to first decide whether you want to collaborate with other businesses to boost audience reach or decide on doing it solo, we like either one! Collaborating with local businesses is important to us. Then, you'll decide what products or services you'll want to give away to any lucky winner(s). This is where Flywheel Brands come in to help to make your products custom with any logos and designs. Your choice, we’ll let you decide. 


Once you've decided whether to take part with other businesses and what products/services you'll be providing; you'll then have to get your creative juices flowing and start creating some content to tease with. We love to give a sneak peek into what we are planning in hopes it keeps people on their toes! It goes from posting a sneak peek drop, and then when it's time for everyone to enter in the giveaway - you make your first post and decide from there how many times you want to post it until the deadline.

***REMEMBER THERE ARE RULES TO YOUR GIVEAWAY*** (some people forget this part, ok.) 

  • Must follow specific accounts
  • Must tag however many people
  • Do you want participants to share on their stories?
  • etc.

Finally but not least, you stay up to date on all the people who followed the rules in the giveaway (which means they put their name in the drawing), and you will either put their name in a box or random name generator & BOOM.

You now have your winner.

It's not only extremely rewarding driving traffic towards your business, but also to see the community come together and genuinely get really excited about gifts! Seeing the winner's reaction makes you forget about why you decided to do the giveaway at first. Win-win!

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