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The BEST company swag ideas employees really want for 2022.

The BEST company swag ideas employees really want for 2022. 

We’ve discussed a lot of valuable information on the importance of promotional products, and why it’s an incredible investment not only for your business. but for your brand awareness, to celebrate clients, & to also show appreciation to your employees. 

Everyone is so incredibly different on personal likes/dislikes, but we’ve created a list of all the best options to choose from - and you will now be known as the “Best. Boss. Ever.” 

When you are intentional and personal in your giving, it is in no doubt your people will have good vibes and a lot of gratitude. Here’s your guide to the best company swag for your employees in 2022. 

Some of our favorites: 

Custom Gift Boxes  - You get the choice of what you want in your gift box, as well as customizing the packaging to your own style/brand. There is such a thing as the best company swag, so you might as well do it best. 

Hello There Kit 

Self Care - Shall we say more? If that’s one thing Covid taught us in the past few years, it was to teach us to take care of ourselves and our people around us. 

*Cough cough* Especially your employees.

Mink Touch Luxury Robe 

Cold Winters - I think we can all agree that once we snuggle up in this, we aren’t leaving. For at least 3 days.

Mink Sherpa Blanket

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Products - We all know that these sustainable swag products have been on the up & coming, especially for 2022 - but what if we told you, you’re not only preventing waste but making your employees feel like they’re doing their part as well. That’s a Win-Win from us. 

ECO Full Zip Sherpa

This backpack is made with 100% recycled water bottles. Designed with style and sustainability in mind.

Parkland Kingston Backpack

A bamboo base with silicone lid and silicone food compartment. The insert can be used in the microwave or oven to warm food. This the ultimate on the go set.

Ekobo 25 oz Lunch and Heat Safe Bowl

The perfect anti-slip mat that gives you all the traction. Cork is naturally and organically antibacterial, which is guaranteed to give you the healthiest yoga session of your life.

Cork Yoga Mat

Happy Hour, After Hour - Can we all admit that sometimes a fun cocktail can really relieve the stress from the week? Give your employees the gift to unwind. 

Miscela III Martini Shaker Set - It's the perfect gift to use after a long day or for entertaining guests during a celebration. Customize the items with your company, organization, group, or bar's name, logo, and/or organizational message. Shake up your advertising efforts by adding this set to your next giveaway! 

Holding volumes of promotional potential, this stemless wine glass makes a perfect giveaway! Made of stainless steel, this updated take on a classic piece of glassware features double wall construction and vacuum insulation, which will keep your beverage at its desired temperature for longer.

9 OZ. Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass

Take A Break. - Traveling can create this sense of anticipation. We highly recommend taking a break and going to your favorite location, that reminds you all the hard work is worth it. Here’s a few of our favorites that will help you get ready for your next trip, and give you the light at the end of the tunnel you’ve all been waiting for. 

BUFFALO MOUNTAIN LEATHER TRAVEL KIT - This Buffalo Mountain leather travel kit is an elegant way to ensure your logo goes where recipients go! Great for an appreciation or holiday gift for family, office staff or valued clients, this custom imprinted travel kit is made with full grain buffalo hide.


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