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Custom Apparel and Headwear
November 15, 2023

Stylish and Affordable: Comfortable T-shirts for Your Employee Apparel Store

One of the best and most economical methods to promote your company is with branded t-shirts at any employee apparel store. Custom t-shirts can be the key to reaching more people, whether you're a giant corporation looking to enhance brand recognition or a small business looking for an easy way to market yourself. Not only do they offer the most exposure, but they also make beautiful gifts that recipients adore. We can provide original designs and premium materials here at Flywheel Brands. Personalized t-shirts will ensure that your message is seen fashionably by as many people as possible!


How T-shirts Can Create Desirable Merch

Promoting a brand with promotional products is more traditional but still trending. Think about it: we all crave to connect with each other, and that means being more intentional with our marketing. Out of the plethora of products, t-shirts are a straightforward and handy option to flaunt your identity. The best thing about decorating apparel are all the options you can choose from, some of which have been mentioned below.


1. Screen print Branded T-Shirts

One of our favorite methods to personalize your swag t-shirt from any employee apparel store is to screen print your artwork. You can also screen print more than just apparel. You can screen print on most things, such as bags, blankets, hats, and more.

2. Shirt Patches

Patches allow individuals to personalize their clothing and express their unique style. Whether it's a favorite band, logo, or a custom design, patches offer a way to make a statement or showcase personal interests. Patches often carry meaning or tell a story. They can represent achievements, experiences, or affiliations. For example, travelers might collect patches from different destinations, creating a visual narrative on their clothing.

3. Fully Custom

One of our favorite things at Flywheel is when clients want to create an item that is fully customizable. And yes, you can make apparel fully customizable. This option is for people who want their merch to stand out with dye color, decoration, labels, and the messaging you want to share. It also allows everyone involved to get creative and create something that isn't already out there. This would be it if you need a reason to set yourself apart.

4. Embroidered to The Tee (Pardon The Pun)

Embroidery provides a high-quality, professional look that can elevate the overall appearance of your apparel. The three-dimensional texture of embroidered designs adds a touch of sophistication and permanence.

It is also known for its durability. The stitched designs are more resistant to wear and tear than printed designs, making embroidered apparel a long-lasting option. This is particularly important for items that will be worn frequently. Plus, embroidery is just timeless, especially for your companys online shop.


Rule & Ravel -'Flywheel Brands' A Swags' Spot!

Promotional apparel is an intelligent tactic to elevate your brand's sales. Everybody notices your brand when an individual goes anywhere wearing your merch. T-shirts at any employee apparel store are a popular and sought-after option, and you can pick any variety from sustainable materials to specific thread colors. Customizing with your tagline or logo is the cherry on top! Flywheel Brand can be a great option to choose from. Visit us for any of your merch and print needs!

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