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Show Appreciation

This is part 10 of a mini-series called "Refreshing Ideas," containing examples of marketing strategies different businesses have used.

City Ideas Architecture & Design has a 90% employee retention rate. Their management team credits this to their ongoing efforts of showing appreciation to employees. From doughnut days and company parties to sales incentives and quarterly branded swag drops to each employee - they make appreciation a top priority. 

They don’t take their quarterly swag drops lightly. Messaging is carefully thought out and designed to share a combination of teamwork and pride in what they do.

-Architecture requires a lot of measurements which makes a notebook the perfect companion for an architect’s desk.

-Promoting teamwork with messaging on a bag they can take to and from the office reminds employees they are all working towards success together.

-Every architect needs a pen or two they can use to officially sign off plans - a gift box of high quality writing instruments is the perfect addition to this quarterly swag drop.

-Early mornings on the jobsite require a tumbler (full of coffee, of course) that employees can take on the road.

Think about what kind of products could be useful for your employees and help them to succeed even further with your company!

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