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Reviving a Tired Brand: 4 Powerful Changes that will Attract New Business

Your logo says a lot. It’s the face of your brand, the most recognizable thing about your business. But just because a logo has become outdated, doesn't mean the brand has too. It is important to recognize that something as simple as a logo does speak volumes about the reliability and efficacy of a company or organization.

Take Amazon for example. The original logo is a far cry from what it later became in the late 90s and even from today's version.

Check out this infographic from the Marketing Profs, and notice the correlation between revenue growth and the logo edits Twitter has undergone. Check out what happened with the logos of 12 other popular brands.

The bottom line? Sometimes, change is good.

If you feel like your brand could use a facelift, there are a few different things that can be done to reconnect and re-engage your audience.

1. Refresh Your Brand: In 2016, we at Flywheel actually took this very seriously and not only refreshed our brand; we renamed our company! For us, this was important so that we could communicate our widened menu of services. Renaming a company is drastic and sometimes risky, but a refresh is a mild approach to make sure your brand remains relevant. Here are some examples:

  • Update your logo with slight font or color modifications.
  • Revisit your brand's persona and word choice used in your marketing materials.
  • Expand your brand style guide to update all aspects of your brand in print.
  • Give your stationery a fresh look with linen or an ultra bright white paper.
  • Consider an upscale business card for your team to use with VIPs and at special events to match the audience's expectations.

2. Incorporate Relevant Imagery: With how visual society has become, your brand's photography and videography must be on-point. Although our cell phone lenses can capture a great photo, the quality, lighting and artistry will be under par. An excellent brand can easily be perceived as low-quality or even untrustworthy if its excellence is not depicted by the imagery.

Even a photo of a beautiful waterfall can appear dull next to one taken by a professional photographer.

You might like to consider one of the following:

  • Host a half-day photo shoot to update your inventory of images.
  • Make a wish list of lifestyle photos that convey your services or products, and have them taken over time.
  • Incorporate short video clips into your marketing campaigns or social media strategies.
  • Shoot an "About Us" video (example below) to let prospective customers know more about your culture and mission.

3. Boost Your Online Presence: Updating your website is a targeted way to show your prospects and customers that you mean business. By caring about your virtual presence, your brand projects confidence in what it offers, especially with the competition just a few clicks away. And with smart phones being used more and more for...everything, mobile apps are increasingly more important as well! Give some thought to these online efforts:

  • Refresh your website with updated images and relatable text.
  • Redesign your website to meet your customer's experience expectations.
  • Embed a video reel on the homepage to immediately engage your visitor.
  • Film helpful videos to improve your content marketing strategy.
  • Review your website keyword strength for searchability and rank.
  • Create a helpful app that allows your customers to make fast purchases or benefit from a loyalty program (example below).

4. Campaign for Strategic Marketing: It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, but a strategy is the foundation for your company's success. There are a number of ways that your team can up its game when it comes to marketing, and with so many channels available, there are varying levels of investment possibilities. (We always get excited about that too.)

  • Revamp your email marketing template or build a customer journey campaign
  • Conduct a deep dive into a social media channel where your customers are most likely to engage with your brand
  • Do a little market research (guerrilla style) to find out what people really want out of a brand
  • Incorporate your brand into new, various stages and aspects of the customer's journey or experience
  • Create a blog or try some new topics out on an existing blog
  • Sign up for a trade show or expo to get some guaranteed face-time with prospects


These are just a few ideas to help get your wheels turning. If you're struggling to find the momentum that you need, Flywheel is always here as a sounding board and guide to help you reach hero status in no time. Tell us about your vision for your brand. Fill out this short survey to get the conversation going!

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