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PPE Products for You & Your Clients

Thrive in the new normal with Personal Protective Equipment made to boost your brand. Our brands have sourced and designed essential PPE products for you and your clients. A continuously growing line!


Masks have become a common sight when we are out in public. We see them everywhere we go, and we like the idea of turning this into a branding opportunity. When you brand a promotional mask or face covering, you’re making a branding impression alongside personal protection.

The Guardian Face Mask

This mask is made of super soft, super breathable material AND it is one size fits all with adjustable sizing.

Promise Face Shield

3 ply construction mask using foam encased in polyester and stretchy ear loops for maximum comfort.

The Journey Mask

Ahhhh yes, the gaiter. Doesn’t hurt the ears, can be worn 12 different ways, and looks pretty darn cool.

“No-Touch” Products

We all know about how everyone touches everything and then you touch those things and then you touch your face. Obviously, wash those hands, but take it one step further and touch the least amount of things that everyone else is touching as possible.


Never touch a door handle, button, or screen again. This door grabber doubles as a stylus.

Hub Pen

Carry your own pen and stylus for when you’re out shopping or anytime you need to sign something.


A UV Sanitizer & Charger, because apparently cell phones have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom (gross).

Offering PPE products is a great way to show your clients that you care & to prepare for our “new normal” world.

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