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Planning Your 2021 Virtual Events

With the current events in the world, it looks like virtual events will still be very on-brand for 2021. Just because your company’s conference will now be virtual does not mean that it has to be boring! 

One of the best ways to engage your virtual audience is to get them pumped up with a pre-conference swag bag. Skipping the in-person event is more than likely to save your company’s normal budget and use some of that extra money to entice and motivate your employees/attendees. 

Think outside the box when it comes to creating the perfect swag bag. This is your chance to show your employees that you care when you can’t do that in person. 

Swag Bag Ideas for Virtual Events

These are some hot ideas for virtual conference swag in 2021: Journal and pen, water bottle, coffee/tea and mug, room decor/pennants/flags, socks, mouse pad, headphones, stress ball, screen cleaner, name tag, mini diffuser, fun snacks, air plant, stainless steel thermos, blue-light blocking glasses, hand sanitizer, door hanger sign, and branded bandanas.

Virtual Event Speaker Gift Ideas

More than likely, your virtual event will include speakers both from within and outside of your organization. They deserve a nod as well. Bump up their swag bag with the addition of some of these gift ideas: branded water bottle or coffee mug, branded backdrop, branded apparel, webcam, headphones, ring light, handwritten note, etc.

Virtual doesn’t have to mean boring. There are still plenty of ways to make your event exciting, engaging, and worthwhile for your employees and attendees. We are all longing for connection. While you can’t all physically be in one place, you can have things that tie you together as a team.

Video is Everything

If you are only connecting to your team virtually, high-quality video production is key to making your message successful. Whether you are conducting a virtual conference with people outside of your organization or a human resources training video internally, we can help you with all of your virtual/video needs. See what possible in our showreel below.

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