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Marketing Your Online Company Store

As the world moves around us, our businesses must move with the it. Everything can be done online now, a huge way you can keep your brand up-to-date is by utilizing online company stores. Flywheel is here to help you by using creativity and on-trend marketing to boost your brand.

Basic t-shirts can be purchased anywhere. Why is the shirt your company is selling any better? Choose products that are innovative, different, and creative and tell people WHY they are different from all the other products they could buy.

Maybe the product you're selling is made out of completely sustainable materials, or maybe you're selling t-shirts that are super soft thanks to our Butterwash technology. Make this known in your product descriptions!

Okay, so you have your e-store set up and ready to go. But how can you be sure people know about it and use it? SPREAD THE WORD!

Social Media

A simple post to your facebook or instagram may seem a bit obvious, but how often do you find out about things or get reminded of things through a post on your social media feed? All the time, right? Post and post again. Make sure your online company store is KNOWN!

Emails & Newsletters

You’re reading a newsletter right now. There was something that had you engaged and curious, and now here you are - learning about effective ways to market your online company store. Put a newsletter together to share what your company store is and why people need to check it out.

Okay, now you’ve got them aware of your company store website. They might visit it,  but what is keeping them there? Be creative! Your company store needs to be engaging.

Make it Look Good

Seeing is believing, right? Use high quality photos that are related to your brand. You’re not just selling your product, you’re selling your brand. 

Advertise Sales!

Yes, it’s obvious, but who doesn’t love a good discount. A tab that says “SALE” will almost always be clicked on by someone who visits your website. Send these sales out in newsletters, post them on social media.

Let's make your company store work for your brand! Flywheel is here to help, contact us for a free demo to get your company store started!

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