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Marketing With Music

First comes the steady beat. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Then enters the familiar tones you know so well, gradually lacing themselves together to create an electrifying harmony. With each bar, the accents frame a melody that, beat by beat, deliberately accelerates and crescendos to--here it comes-- the climactic intro of your favorite artist’s ethereal voice. You too belt out those lyrics that without fail unleash the blissful emotions and memories of yesteryear! This is your song!

Whether it’s a rock, jazz or spiritual tune, everyone has that song that taps into their emotions and drives their attention to a place that blocks out the rest of the world. The gift of music—or time-travel for some—can therefore be a powerful tool to pair with your brand. Not surprisingly, that's why the supreme-quality speakers of today are making a remarkable splash in the marketing initiatives of today's thriving brands.

You can set the same precedent by utilizing some of the most creative, useful and technologically advanced vehicles for your brand’s messaging. These three products scored big with our team and clients, and are sure to strike a chord with you, too.

1. Wrapsody  

If quality sound is your prerogative for marketing, check out the Wrapsody Bluetooth headphones. It delivers high-definition stereo sound with omnidirectional bass and boasts an 85% noise cancellation ability. Carting them from the office to the gym is as easy as the fold-and-go design they sport. A classy incorporation of your company’s logo fits nicely on either side of the headphones, making an impression with everyone nearby. >> Click for specs

2. Evrybox

For the multi-tasking client, the Evrybox is a perfect marketing tool. Its name is true to its capabilities. In addition to providing sick sound for up to 40 hours with its Bluetooth speaker, the Evrybox also contains a power bank for your mobile devices and a built-in microphone to take incoming calls. Customizing this powerful tool is a simple, sure-fire way to market your trending brand with the decision-makers you seek to reach.

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FUN FACT: Did you know that 60% of consumers say that they would be more likely to do business with an advertiser who gives them a power bank? It’s true, a 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute also reported that nearly 9 out of 10 people would not only be happy to receive one, but would also keep a power bank simply because it's useful!

3. Calimari

Just like the seafood dish, this is a delectable and unique addition for your clients’ gadget collection. With it, there’s no need to carry around or struggle to un-knot those pesky cords. This one-size-fits-all connector cord serves all your electronic devices. (It even has an Apple-certified MFI Lightning tip!) As a go-to gizmo, the number of impressions are endless for this customizable keychain, which also comes in a variety of packaging options.

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‍Your on-the-go-clients can always benefit from a power source, whether they’re looking to charge up before their next flight or rack up a few bars on their tablet before making a big presentation.

It was hard to feature just one, so instead, check out these four concealing concepts that will at the very least make you say, “Now, that’s cool”.

  • Juicebox Power Bank
  • Kissable Power Bank
  • Blush Power Bank
  • Energybar Power Bank
Juicebox Power Bank
Kissable Power Bank
Juicebox Power Bank

Juicebox Power Bank

Resonating with a useful product is important for achieving your marketing goal and seeing a return on investment. But even more importantly, resonating with their interests and emotions can leave a lasting impact. And what better way than by charging up their oh-so-dear devices to pump out the hype song that gives them the energy and confidence to power through another day?

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