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Marketing Momentum

Flywheel is going live with a brand new podcast straight from our Chattanooga office! "Momentum Marketing: Fulfilling Your Urgency to be Great" is the title and the theme for our weekly episodes, hosted by none other than Bart Simpson and Matthew Nutt.

These two best buds and business colleagues are always in pursuit of being their best selves both in their personal and professional lives. Authenticity is a common thread that they’ve identified as a requirement for greatness in both.

As Flywheel’s goal is to provide momentum behind the marketing for today’s brands, Bart and Matthew are unpacking what authentic leadership looks like and how marketing momentum can, in turn, also help you achieve greatness in your marketing strategies, your career goals and your life’s dreams.

Every episode will also be published with bonus content (Knowledge & Nuggets) like tools to help you create a new, positive habit as well as photos and videos so you can get to know our hosts and guests.

The first episode is a discussion the two have about their perception of greatness and the definition of authentic leadership as well as their goals, topics and outlook for the podcast.


Knowledge & Nuggets

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