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Make an Impression

This is part two of a mini-series called "Refreshing Ideas," containing examples of marketing strategies different businesses have implemented.

Micolino Hotel is a quaint, boutique hotel that gets constant raving reviews from guests who enjoy their stay. This hotel recognized from the beginning the power that online reviews hold, and decided to make it a part of their marketing strategy. They started by leveraging branded products and making sure the reviews were visible to anyone who entered their lobby or stayed in a room. The hotel constantly updates the designs in this collection as more & more reviews are posted. 

The hotel put their reviews out on the following items:

-A variety of masks for the staff to choose from with over 40,000 different reviews

-Pens & stationery in each room were a cost-efficient way to spread their message

-Mugs were placed in guest rooms and the hotel breakfast area

Basically, if you take just one step inside this hotel, you will see one of these reviews, and probably feel compelled to leave one of your own in hopes that yours gets put on one of these products one day.

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