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Mailer Kits

Mailer kits are a great way to get promotional products in the hands of your employees and customers. We have plenty of available options of kits to send to people all around the country. This may sound complex, but trust us, our process makes it super easy!

Four Simple Steps:

Pick your products.

These kits are fully customizable to fit your brand and there are so many available.

Send in your mailing list.

You simply fill out an address template with a list of your recipients.

Kits are packaged for you.

Shipping experts package up your kits with all custom products and messaging and prepare them for shipping.

Ship them out!

Finally , your kits are sent out for you via your selected service. Tracking numbers and postage are included in your order!

Here are a few examples of mailer kits we have available:

Pet-Friendly Event Kits


Dog Bandana

Dog Collar

Dog Leash

Charity Event Kits



Premium Comfort Ankle Socks

Polar Towel

Self Care Kits


Knotted Headband

Sleep Mask


All products printed in full color and fully customizable to fit your brand.

Get your mailer kits started today.

We're happy to help find a kit that works for your brand.

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