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Looking for a smart in-VEST-ment?

If you're used to economical custom apparel brands for your marketing, the idea of swapping out for products from The North Face® may make you chuckle. We get it.

But are you familiar with the success of "quality over quantity"? There’s evidence of this everywhere. Knowing when to stretch your company’s budget and which products are worth the risk, is key in staying on top of the leading promotional product trends.

That's why co-branding with a reputable brand is a highly effective marketing tactic. By investing in a quality brand that people want, wear, and are familiar with, your prospects or customers will begin to develop the same affinity for your company. It’s called the halo effect.

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What you need to know about North Face custom products:

Custom is NEW: The North Face only started permitting custom embroidery last fall. Now is a great time to become a marketing leader as part of a very new opportunity.

Just Order 1: There are no minimum requirements when ordering North Face from us! This makes these products ideal for those special employee or customer appreciation gifts. And you don't have to deal with any extra, over-the-top fees. Free setup and shipping are included when you order from Flywheel!

Ladies Ridgeline Soft Shell Vest
Mens Ridgeline Soft Shell Vest
Ladies Thermoball Trekker Vest

Buying custom apparel to make an impact does not have to be difficult.

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