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It's Time to Consume Differently 

Go Green

We’ve all seen the ads that tell us it's time to "Go Green!" in every medium, from cardboard signs on the street to large companies and their unskippable YouTube ads. But should saving the planet be "sold" to you? Is it just another form of capitalism, a way for large companies to bring in profits from different markets of consumers? At Flywheel, we view it differently. We’re not here to sell you sustainability, we’re here to bring you sustainability.

The Pursuit 

We’re actively pursuing better environmental responsibility because every difference counts. But words are cheap, which is why we’re committed to doing more and doing it now, with things like integrating RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, or recycled plastic) and cork (see our blog post What Is Cork, and How Is It Sustainably Produced?). Our suppliers proudly boast sustainability practices ranging from school building, tree planting, ocean conservation, and zero waste to landfills. As we see a rise in technology, our ability to track outputs is becoming easier every day. After all, you can only manage what you measure. 

The Action

Action is taken one step at a time, and every step is just as important as the others. So what steps can we all take? We know to turn the sink off while we brush our teeth or to turn the lights off when we leave the room, but what about things outside of our homes? A great and easy way to take action is by purchasing some reusable tote bags for the grocery store. Two or three of those bad boys not only save you trips in the car but help bring the Earth closer to some extra trips around the sun. If you’re a fan of cooking at home, buy some of your favorite herbs and grow them in your home. Put your basil, mint, thyme, etc. in a nice sunny place and save some money next time you cook your favorite dish. 

Sustainability doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to force you to give up things that you value, but it does push you to seek alternatives to what you consume and how you consume. Creating a better planet benefits the entirety of those on it, and as we strive towards more sustainable living, we see just how connected it all is. John Muir said it best, "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." So, let's saunter through this world together as we create a more sustainable way to live and do business.

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