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How To Choose the Best Custom Hat

Nearly anyone with an affinity for hats can tell you that they are much more than an accessory. Take it from famous artists, like Lyle Lovett, who have written songs on the subject. (Check out more bonus tracks below!)

"I caught you looking

with your roving eye,

so Mister you don't have to act

so surprised.

If it's her you want,

I don't care about that.

You can have my girl

but don't touch my hat."

As an extension of ourselves and statement of our personality, hats require a certain amount of respect. More simply, don't take a hat purchase too lightly, especially since 41% of consumers own promotional caps and headwear, according to research from the Advertising Speciality Institute. To make sure you are offering your customers only the best, stay up to date with what’s trending in the world of hats.

Closure Options

A good-fitting hat is often a deciding factor as to whether a recipient will ever wear a hat, so choose wisely. Luckily, there are a variety of options that are adjustable for items that need to appeal to a number of people.

  • Hook and Loop: The VELCRO® brand is the most widely known example of this option that is highly adjustable and durable.
  • Snapback: This closure can be found on a variety of styles, including the "trucker" hat and other mesh-back hats.
  • Stretch and Fit: Sporty styles designed for the athletic enthusiasts tend to boast this feature that has a custom-fit feel and design, therefore being a great option for a well-known or smaller audience.
  • Leather and Clasp: If unique features are what you're seeking, this adjustable option may be the key to getting your recipient's attention.

Do you want to know which characteristics are best for your audience?

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Fabric Options

Hats come in a wide array of fabric choices, but here are a few common ones to consider and with which audience they may fit best.

  • Mesh-back: This style is ideal if breathability is a high priority. Based on the other style options, such as profile and clasp, the mesh-back can actually be rather appealing to your more trendy audience.
  • Dry-fit: Certain fabric blends are designed with moisture-wicking technology, which is highly preferred by those who intend on using the hat while playing sports or spending a great deal of time outdoors.
  • Cotton or Twill: These traditionally comfortable options are for the more stylish hat wearers. A well-known example is the "dad hat".

Profile Options

Low-, mid- and high-profile hats are somewhat self-explanatory, but with the images below, you should have a clearer picture of which style fits the bill.


Structure Options

Structure is also pretty black and white. Unstructured hats (above left) are typically highly flexible, whereas a structured hat (above right) has a more rigid construction to maintain a specific form while being worn.

Take it from Mr. Lovett. If you choose the right hat style for your prospects, customers or employees, you might make more than a big impression. You actually may gain a new brand evangelist!

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We love hats just as much as the next person. Enjoy these other fun tunes that pay homage to this oh-so-adored accessory.

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