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Going Against the Grain

What is the FSC

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) awards an FSC certificate to businesses that manage their impact, specifically concerning timber, in a sustainable way. Think of The Lorax but in a more corporate setting and with less rhyming. You’ve more than likely seen the FSC logo either in commercials or on some of the products that you buy. But what does it mean for a company to have an FSC certification? The FSC has a set of 10 principles that sum up the criteria that businesses have to fall within, ranging from compliance with laws to indigenous peoples’ rights and high conservation values (we’ll link the FSC website so you can check them out for yourself). When businesses apply for certification, they can choose from different certification bodies that best align with them as a company. As you know, Flywheel strides towards more sustainable practices every day, which is why we love getting to brand FSC-certified products. That company notebook never looked "greener"!

Save Some Trees for Me

The FSC has set out to help preserve the forests we have around the world by pushing for more sustainable forestry practices and pushing companies to incorporate these practices into their production. We’ve all grown up hearing about deforestation and saving the rainforests, but the FSC wants companies to know that it's time to start making some changes and that those changes are viable. In our last article, How rPET Can Get You R-E-S-P-E-C-T, we talked about how consumers are demanding more in the way of sustainable business practices and how rPET was a great way to move in that direction. Thankfully, it’s not the only option. FSC certified products can range from packaging, water bottles, notebooks, and even cutting boards! These are great options to offer both consumers and employees, as we see the demand for sustainable products continuing to rise each year.

No Lumber What Happens

So why is lumber still being used? You might be asking. If the point of the FSC is to help maintain and preserve the forests, then why do they work with companies that still use lumber? Because using wood sustainably is better for the environment than using other materials. It has a lower carbon footprint, is renewable, and will even retain CO2 after being harvested rather than release it. If harvested properly, forests will benefit from a cycle of new-growth and old-growth trees, which helps prevent things like wildfires. Stewarding our materials well benefits both us and the material, which is what the FSC has set out to do.

FSC Products That We’re Loving Right Now:

FSC Large Bamboo Cutting Board with Silicone Grip

5.5" x 8.5" FSC® Mix Recycled Leather Bound JournalBook®

Sona 22oz RPET Reusable Bottle w/ FSC Bamboo Lid

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