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Domed Decals: Achieving a High-Perceived Value Without Breaking the Bank

Take a look at these products? What do you notice about them? What kind of message do they send to you?


First off, you probably notice and recognize the brands. (That means the companies' brand recognition efforts have worked!)

Next, you may have noticed the products themselves. You can tell that they are 3-D and look professional enough to maybe be applied somewhere highly visible. Perhaps the message you even get is "expensive" or "high-quality".

If that's the case, then you're mostly correct. What you're looking at are decals, domed decals to be precise. This specialized decal option is certainly a high-quality product that's trusted by the likes of these high-quality brands. However, did you know that domed decals are actually a very cost-effective marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways?

What's happened here is that the quality of the brand paired with the quality of the decal has resulted in a high-perceived value of the decal itself!

Brands strive to sway the market's perception of a product, service or company by showing that it works, it's easy to use, it has a pleasing outward appearance, it's reliable, and it fits into your needs.

All that convincing requires a lot of work, especially since consumers will ultimately make their own decision. This is why even something so small as a decal, sticker or label should be considered. Every portrayal of your brand matters!

For this reason, we always recommend a print marketing solution that fits your brand. If you want your audience to have a high perception of your product or company, then it's advisable to budget some extra dollars for the print project you have in mind.

Domed decals are a print solution that truly illustrate how a slightly greater investment can really catch the attention--and influence the perception--of your potential customers. They're bigger and thicker, and yet still just as durable as your simpler vinyl version.

A prime example is a client who was seeking the best solution to apply their company logo to a $250,000 machine they were looking to market. A simple vinyl decal would have worked, but certainly would not have represented the product well. Instead, we advised on the super domed decal for its unique design, aesthetic appeal and longer durability. Super domed decals are also a more flexible, 3-D product that can conform to almost any contoured surface.

The result was an application with a high-perceived value with a low price tag and, therefore, a very happy client. We call that a win-win outcome.

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Not sure what print solution is best for your application? That's why we're here!

First, answer these questions:

  • What surface will the decal be applied to?
  • Will the decals be indoors or outdoors, or even both?
  • Do the decals need to be weatherproof?
  • Do you require a permanent adhesive, or will the decals need to be easily removed?
  • Will your existing artwork suit the decal you have in mind, or will it need to be altered?

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