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Building Brand Loyalty

This is part 8 of a mini-series called "Refreshing Ideas," containing examples of marketing strategies different businesses have used.

Treemate Coffee is a growing local coffee franchise that focuses on building “tribes” of loyal followers through grass-roots style marketing and rewarding those who help them achieve their mission of fair-trade, diversification, and equal opportunity. In order to build their following, Teemate built an online loyalty shop where customers can exchange purchases, donations and good deeds for exclusive promo merchandise as a way to rewards, recognize, and create “belongingness.”

-Merchandise is branded with fun sayings and designs decorated in vibrant full-color art showcasing their affiliation with Treemate’s Brand.

-When at public events or sponsoring meet-ups, Treemate takes “coupon pens” branded with information about their affiliate program and where to sign up. They also have higher-end metal pens on hand to distribute in their stores to their regulars.

Think about your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or boutique. Have you ever walked in and had them greet you by name? Being known and appreciated is an amazing feeling and Treemate Coffee found a way to go above and beyond with unique promo products.

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