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November 20, 2023

Branded Corporate Merchandise for Trade Shows. Let's Talk About It.

Businesses have the opportunity to showcase their mission and products at trade shows. You could have the most captivating and put-together booth, but what leaves an impression on the attendees are the promotional products they take home at the end of the day. These are essential symbols of your brand's existence rather than just freebies.

We can be your reliable partner for promotional trade show merchandise at Flywheel Brands. For every trade show giveaway, we align with your brand. We stand out as a good option for trade show promotional materials because of the caliber and range of our offerings, not to mention the prices.


The Top Branded Corporate Merchandise for Trade Shows

In this article, you’ll gain inspiration on some great products for trade shows! Additionally, you'll discover the best ways to engage with attendees during the show and how to make a lasting impression with functional marketing tools that people can walk away with, remembering it was YOU who left a mark. Let’s dive in!

1. Your Go-to Journal Book

Your Journal book is not just a notebook; it's a powerful accessory that seamlessly combines style and substance. Its compact design ensures it's a convenient addition to any bag, ready to accompany individuals on their daily adventures. Yet, the boldness of its design means that it won't go unnoticed – it's a statement piece that reflects the personality of its owner. Plus, it's a wonderful item for Branded Corporate Merchandise.

When it comes to giveaways, personalization is the secret ingredient that transforms a valuable item into a memorable and cherished gift. The Journal book provides the canvas for this personal touch. With ample space for branding, you can make each Journal book uniquely yours.

2. Bottle Opener Key Chain

In search of a functional trade show giveaway item? A great choice is a bottle opener key chain. It's available in three stylish colors and does more than just open bottles—it flaunts your brand daily. It serves as a little reminder of the usefulness of your brand; it travels wherever you go while also being that essential tool we all seem to forget exists! Additionally, we offer various key chains if you want to mix things up.

3. Camp Mugs

You can bring the coziness and nostalgia of a fireside conversation to your camp mug every morning. Everyone will be reminded of your brand's thoughtfulness whenever they go for a warm cup of coffee. Our mugs are made to last and leave a lasting impact. Even though they're good quality, we recommend a mild hand wash to keep them looking brand new to avoid any destruction of the artwork decoration! Consider our mugs or any drinkware to bean excellent marketing tool. View our available drinkware or ask a rep to show you some items everyone loves.  

4. Canvas Tote Bags

We provide an assortment of all the canvas tote bags you can think of. Some are made sustainably with RPET materials (reused plastic water bottles), and some are made from quality cotton that can hold anything heavyweight. When people carry it, they display your branding and demonstrate to the world that your company is either environmentally conscious or willing to invest in the people who invest in them. You can reuse the bag repeatedly, which is a HUGE plus—seeking something similar to this? We have a plethora of ideas to share with you.

5. Snack Packs

Who doesn't love food? You can use delicious snack packs we offer here at Flywheel, which is the best site for promotional items. There are delicious delights that guests will adore, whether they're included in gift bags, as giveaway items, or just a simple thank-you gift. Snack packs are great for gatherings and conferences, might we add. With different options to choose from, everyone will remember your brand with every bite. We have every kind of customizable snack imaginable, from popcorn and cookies to granola bars and s'mores kits!

6. Custom Tees and Hoodies

If there’s anything I think most of us look forward to, it’s changing into something comfy when we get home from work or just to relax in general. We know we've got to dress the part for work, events, and celebrations, and that’s understandable. But if there’s anything we know as adults, we like to relax and dress in something that’s not uncomfortable. We say this because, well, invest in good quality pieces people can appreciate. It’s not a waste, but it sends the message, " You matter. I hope we can build a relationship from here. ”  With branded corporate apparel,  “there is a greater chance that consumers will choose to engage with a company if they receive a promotional product. In fact, 85% of consumers worldwide remember the advertiser who gave them branded apparel. There isn't another form of advertising that strengthens branding as effectively as promotional products do.” according to ASI Central.


Flaunt Your Brand On Any Corporate Show With Swag!

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand among thousands of people utilizing merch items. These products can be eye-catching to attract everyone's attention, or you can keep it simple but functional! The products we've discussed are great options and the most sought-after branded corporate merchandise for trade shows, and you can get them from us at Flywheel Brands. So what are you waiting for? Let's make your brand memorable!

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