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May 6, 2024

Best Swag Pack Ideas for Employees with Pets

Pets are not just accessories but an integral part of our lives and family. Our pets mean a lot to us, and it's no different for your employees. Recognizing and celebrating the bond between your employees and their companions can create a warm and friendly work environment. In this blog post, we'll share some exciting and delightful ideas from our online company store for employees that will brighten up the day of employees with their fur friends.

Pet Bandana

Dress your pet with a custom pet bandana and make them feel like a part of the team. Start your swag pack with this comfortable, high-quality bandana in different colors to match your personality or make it custom.

Pet Carrier

A pet carrier is a perfect travel companion, making transportation more convenient and stylish. It is made of durable materials to handle all their adventures, and the mesh top ensures they stay cool and refreshed during their travel, showcasing your brand logo on the go.


Pamper your employees' pets with a custom frisbee and give them an excuse to head to a park for extra bonding; this will encourage employee happiness and productivity. Everyone wins!

Pet Beds

Elevate your swag pack with a custom pet bed branded with your company logo and colors. These unique pet beds make for a cozy, relaxing spot for your pets and are a perfect addition to any pet parent.

Water Bottle & Bowls

Include a branded water bottle for your employees and a matching bowl for their pets. Without enough access to clean drinking water, your employees and their pets can use these practical and stylish water bottles and bowls anywhere, whether at home or in public places.

Pet Wipes

Pet wipes are the perfect way to keep pets clean and healthy. They are safe enough for even the most sensitive animals but tough on the dirt and grime on their paws and coats. These wipes don't contain any harmful chemicals or irritants that affect your pet's skin.

Pet Leash

Add this stylish dye-sublimated pet leash to your employee swag pack, which can be fully customized with your company logo and color. It has excellent color gradations, and even the most intricate image can appear in crisp detail.

Reusable Storage Bag with Dog Bones

Personalized pet food storage bags with zip closures and treats will make your employees' pets feel right at home. Add these to your swag pack to make your employees and their furry friends feel unique with customized brand logos and designs.

Bone Shaped Cork Mat

A personalized bone-shaped cork mat is a perfect addition to your pet-parent employees' food station. Nothing tells your employees that you care for them more than showing them you care for their furry loved ones.

Dog Bag Dispenser with Hand Sanitizer

Dog bag dispensers are the perfect way to keep yourself clean when picking up your pet on walks. With this stylish bag dispenser, you won't have to fumble through pockets looking for bags. It comes with a hand sanitizer and a clip-on feature that attaches easily to any leash or belt loop.

Swag packs from online company stores tailored for your pet-parent employees not only show your company's commitment to its employees but also create a positive and inclusive work culture. Flywheel is your go-to online company swag store for all your custom swag needs and elevating employee appreciation initiatives that reflect the unique bond between your employees and furry friends.

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