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May 8, 2024

Best Swag Gift Ideas for Your Coffee-Loving Employees and Customers

A cup of coffee can make or break a day. At Flywheel, we understand the importance of elevating mornings and day breaks with a great cup of coffee, so we've curated a collection of swag items from our custom online company stores designed to enrich your employees' and customers' coffee experience. Our collection includes everything from coffee beans to coffee brewers, mugs, and gift sets. Our products are about functionality and adding a touch of luxury to their daily rituals. Here are some of our favorite coffee swag gift items that your employees or customers will surely love:

Coffee Brewers

Many gifts can help you brew or prepare fantastic coffee. Here's our list of the best coffee brewers that make for a tremendous swag gift:

Swiss Force Coffee Press

MiiR Pourigami Flat-Pack Dripper

Keurig Single Serve Coffee, Latte, And Cappuccino Maker

Breville Precision Brewer Thermal

Swiss Force Dolce Coffee Maker

Coffee Beans

Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee; every sip savored, every moment cherished. Here's our exquisite collection of coffee beans that is sure to impress your employees and customers:

Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Dawn Patrol Coffee Beans - Breakfast Blend

Coffee Break Kit Starter

Or, if you want coffee brands similar to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, we can do that, too.

Travel Coffee Mugs

We can only have a slow morning with coffee occasionally (if you're lucky.) Our travel mugs and tumblers are an excellent option for swag gifts when you're on the go. These favorites can help keep drinks hot for hours and are easy to clean:

Valo Ceramic Lidded Mug

W&P Porter Mug

MIIR All Day Camp Cup

CAIRN Marble Coffee Mug

PARANÁ Ceramic Mug

Coffee Kits

Custom coffee kits would make great gifts for a coffee chat or the coffee lovers on your team. Here are our recommendations for coffee kits that would make a fantastic swag pack gift for your employees and customers:

VSSL Nest Pour Over Coffee Kit

Cozy Comfort Coffee Kit

Buddy Brew Coffee Gift Set

Early Riser Gift Set

Smart Coffee Gifts

Brilliant coffee merchandise takes coffee breaks into the future. Our collection of intelligent coffee products are high-tech and high-end items that are sure to make a strong impression on your employees and customers:

Ember Travel Mug2


At Flywheel, you can easily create a coffee fanatic custom company merchandise swag box for your employees and customers with any of these items, and we can send them directly to their door. This is a great way to show your team or customers your appreciation, help engage your remote team, and boost morale.

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