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Beginning Of 2023: Let's Make Our Q1 Calendar Healthy And Wealthy

Several conferences and conventions are geared toward clients during the first quarter (Q1). Things will be different at the start of the first quarter of 2023. After the holiday slowdown, business and promotions will be at their best. Yes, it's a new year, meaning new resolutions, plans, and promotional products. Keep reading for the best corporate company merch for the best-selling products of the year, either for gifting purposes or promoting your brand.


The old promotional products are out, and the new ones are in. The goal for your business and sales in 2023 is to grow. New promotional products are flooding the market, making it easier for CEOs, marketers, and business owners to attract and keep clients. There is no better method for companies to raise their profile than with the help of promotional items. More and more businesses are choosing this kind of advertising over TV and radio, which are more traditional ways to market.


Explore The 7 Most Effective Marketing Products In 2023.


We've made a list of valuable and sellable products that will help you make more money and stay in the minds of your target audience this coming year, 2023.

1. Hand Sanitizer

Undoubtedly, the new year brings happiness, but it also brings colds and influenza. Maintain your customers' health with your brand. Hand sanitizer gifts are one of the significant promotional items that demonstrate concern for customers' health. Engrave the hand sanitizer with your logo.

2. Lip Balm

Custom lip balm is a great promotional item for businesses in any sector. For quick publicity, you can purchase them from a reputable company store for employees. Furthermore, it is cost-effective. Imagine the exposure your business will receive whenever your potential clients use it.

3. Mobile Accessories

Smartphones and tablets are widely used, so promoting your company with branded phone accessories makes sense. These tech giveaways can keep your clients' phones safe and your brand in the public eye. Accessories like phone holders, earphone kits, waterproof pouches, and smartphone stands are great promotional items.

4. Mouse Pads

A personalized mouse pad is ideal for businesses and office clients because they use it daily, and it is rarely replaced. They are unaware that they are directly observing your brand. You can customize it with a catchy company statement or phrase and your logo. Check with our corporate company store to see the different variants of mouse pads.

5. Key Chains

Key chains have the potential to ensure your brand's maximum visibility. When the user uses the keychains, they will be reminded of your company and your unique products and services each time. It would make it more likely that the customers would come to you for more. You may customize this promotional item for advertising by adding your company name, logo, or contact information to fit your unique marketing aims and objectives.

6. Candles

Gifting customers a branded candle is a great way to advertise your company. Your company's logo is printed on a label and carefully applied to your chosen candle. These candles with a company logo are a creative way to spread brand awareness.

7. Coasters

The proper application of custom promotional coasters can positively impact your brand. They are ideal for small-scale advertising and make excellent corporate gifts at events, seminars, and trade shows. This mini advertisement can aid in brand recognition and exposure. In our online company store for employees, you can browse various styles and personalize your purchase.


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Giving away promotional products effectively keeps your company's name in front of clients and prospects. Flywheel Brands is here to help you customize your company's products to your specifications. We can also assist you in selecting the appropriate promotional item that will help you reach new business heights in 2023. Consider getting in touch about our online company store for employees and shopping for the finest Q1 branding campaign fire-starting promotional products, which you can customize per your brand's vision and mission.

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