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Answering Questions About Company Stores

What Are They?

Company stores, sometimes called “swag stores,” are exactly what you might be thinking they are. They are a place made to connect employees, and sometimes customers, to your company’s branded products. These products include apparel, bags, drinkware, pets, and more. 

Why Does Your Company Need an eStore?

Instead of ordering 100 of the same product all at once, your employees have options on the company store. Give your customers and employees a place to access your promotional products with ease from the comfort of their own home. We offer 4 different options for company stores to ensure we are able to create something that works for your brand.

Catalog Site

Simply displays the available products. Shoppers cannot build a shopping cart and checkout on the site, but can browse, request samples, and build a wishlist.    


Basic Store

A simple store that was made for promotional products and has easy options for checkout.

Advanced Store

Extended features that provide an even better experience for your customers. 

Virtual Samples

Allows shoppers to choose their own logos and customize products with their information and view a virtual sample directly in the store. 

How Can You Make a Company Store?

That’s what Flywheel is here for! We are all about creating efficient solutions for branding your business. We offer weekly demos, where a real person will walk you through building a creative and personalized company store that works for you. Email results@flywheelbrands.com to schedule your 30 minute demo or visit our page to learn more.

Let's Start Building Your Company Store

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