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8 Quick Ways to Make an Unforgettable Experience for your Trade Show Visitors

Nothing's ever really easy, except to be lost amongst the dozens of other vendors at a trade show or expo. So how do you stand out in a literal sea of competitors? In conjunction with our free download—How to Design an Unforgettable Trade Show Booth: Flywheel's Complete Guide and Checklist for the Ultimate Expo Display—we've pulled together 8 fast ways to improve your current trade show experience...and be a brand that is unforgettable.



$136.00 each | Order Just 1

32" W x 82.87" H x 11.2" D

In addition to taking only about 2 minutes to set up, it's sturdy and the graphics are bright and vibrant. With this quality, high-vis banner, you will definitely command attention to your space and brand!


$200.00 each | Order Just 1

38" W x 86" H x 8.6" D

If you're limited with time and extra hands, this is an excellent option for your upcoming trade show or special event. Put your most important information on this banner stand and then everyone that passes by will be able to see it! Did we mention the lifetime warranty?!


$270.00 each

38.58" W x 62.75" -  85.75" H x 7.87" D

The Barracuda 920 Retractable Banner Stand is a premium display solution that will add visual impact to your events! The overall height is adjustable from 60.5" high to 83" high, allowing this unit to be used in many ways, including on a table or counter top. It also comes with a padded carrying bag as well as a lifetime warranty!



As low as $1.52 each

Secure your cords, tidy up your earbuds and never lose your wires again! Introducing the Tech Taco. These Pantone-matched, silicone tacos provide on-the-go compact organization for all those small device cords that tangle up your life. Custom designed just for your brand! Just upload your logo and we will do the rest!


As low as $0.75 each

You've seen them; you've used them; you love them. They're great for keeping your glasses on your head in those extreme rafting/rock climbing situations and even the fell-asleep-on-the-hammock-and-then-fell-off moments. Your clients or employees will love these SO much they will CROAK! (See what we did there?)


As low as $1.25 each

Have you ever been to an event where you go to grab a snack and a drink, but you have your keys and your phone and maybe even a little hand to hold, and then BOOM...the inevitable happens? Yep, you drop everything! Well, kiss those days good-bye! Introducing the 44 oz. container designed for food in the top and a beverage on the bottom—the Grub Tub.



$310.00 each

Premium dye-sublimated, fully printed table throws are the perfect complementary display accessory. Printed table throws allow for full-color messaging and branding without requiring additional display space! It's a must for smaller booth spaces, and perfect for traveling portable displays and sales presentations. Printed table throws are available for 8 ft., 6 ft. and 4 ft. tables.

13' Fabric Backwall

$950.00 each

This 13 ft. straight, full-height, tension fabric display provides a high-quality pop-up solution for high-profile events. The lightweight frame makes it easy to ship, set up and store. Fabric graphics are pre-attached to the frame, which quickly expands without requiring tools. A wheeled carry case is also included!

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