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3 Ways to Increase Brand Presence with Custom Calendars

Did you ever wish you could post your own advertisement on the office wall of your customers, or better yet, your prospects? This would result in instant brand notification and awareness.

Well, with wall calendars, achieving this goal is not out of reach! (Check out the quick-order calendar page at!)

Perhaps one of the most useful promotional tools that is also kept for up to 12 months is a calendar. Sure, many people have digitized calendars on their smart devices, but offices across the world still see the value and importance of hard copy office calendars. By customizing the design with your logo and imagery, you can turn a helpful hanger into an appealing workplace apparatus that continually displays your message for your ideal audience.

There are a few ways to utilize calendars as a vehicle for the kind of results you want:

1. Full-Blown Branding: If your customers love your brand, they'll love decking their office wall with your calendar. Beautiful, professional images, consistent use of your logo on each month's page and quality construction will resonate with your audience throughout all the seasons.

2. Subtle Promotion: If practicality is your prerogative, then using subtle branding with your company logo can be highly effective. Turning the wall calendar into a rotating art piece with beautiful landscapes or landmarks, for instance, is a way to offer a custom gift without being too aggressive with your messaging.

3. Internal Relations: Whether your team is small or extra large, a calendar is a cost-effective and appropriate gift that also functions a terrific productivity tool. There are limitless ways in which these can be customized to address the key occasions that mean something to your company. The calendar image is also ideal for celebrating the events of the prior year by including snapshots from your company picnic for June and Halloween contest for October, for example.

Feeling the time crunch? No sweat. Flywheel thrives on a challenge. Here are a few questions to get your project started so you can have it in hand by your deadline.

Calendar Creation Questionnaire

  • How many do you need? By deciding how many you want, we can choose the best printing method while being sensitive to your budget.
  • When do you want them? Choosing whether to hand them out at your holiday party or make them a surprise in January will outline any time considerations we need to note.
  • Will you design the calendar yourself? Putting your own sweat equity into a project as personal as a calendar can pay off. Plus, it's easy to do on your own with the help of our Flywheel Print website. Consider using our design template to make sure no one is cropped out of the photo!

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