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3 Ways Flywheel is Banning Boring Swag

Swag shopping is super important for marketing your business! Swag is all about putting your brand in the hands of your customers, partners, employees, and supporters. Marketing your brand with custom products is one of the easiest ways to build loyalty and show appreciation!

1. Making Basic Products Better

Take your basic t-shirt, for example. Well, a t-shirt is just a t-shirt, right? Wrong. To us, a t-shirt is a way to enhance your brand. There are two things that can make your basic tee better: Comfort and Design. 

Comfort - Flywheel uses Butterwash technology to make your regular t-shirts softer than ever. Obviously, a t-shirt is meant to be worn, so don’t you want people to want to wear your branded t-shirts? 

Design - Flywheel has an in-house graphic design team equipped to turn you vision into a beautifully designed reality.

2. Creative Products

Flywheel doesn’t just make t-shirts. Cater your promotional products for your business to your clientele! From products like vacuum wine sealers to pass along to your customers at vineyard tours to golf ball/tee holders to pass along to players on the course. 

Flywheel is proud to carry creative promotional products of great quality and usability for any business of any size.

3. Sustainable Products

Flywheel uses recyclables and reusable materials to ensure the environment and future of our planet is cared for.

Eco-friendly promotional products are huge right now and available at Flywheel! Reusable products like branded metal straws, to-go cups, and shopping bags will have your logo looking beautiful while doing something good in the world! 

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