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3 Facts that Take the Pain out of Ordering Custom Promotional Products and Apparel

Take a look at your outfit today. Where did you buy it? Why did you choose it? Did you go for comfort or brand recognition? Were you able to try it on, feel the fabric or perhaps get a close-up look online? There's no doubt that some of these factors went into your decision to purchase today's threads.

When ordering a custom item with your organization's logo, the decision can be even more challenging. Is the item constructed well? Will the logo color be correct? Is the imprint placement going to be visible?

The questions of uncertainty can go on and on, but they don't have to! With Virtual Proofs and Product Samples, Flywheel can put your doubts to rest and give you the close-up you need to make a confident decision.

Here are 3 facts that will boost your confidence in your next custom print project:

1. You Can See It to Believe It: Your brand integrity is just as important to us as it is to you. That's why we offer Virtual Proofs for any product you may be interested in ordering. By requesting a Virtual Proof, you can get a closer look at the imprint quality, imprint placement and your color preference. With the dress socks below, for example, it might be helpful to see that the text and logos are well-placed.

You might even decide that you don't prefer the design after all. And that's okay! We can provide other options, just like this simpler athletic sock design. And with the Virtual Sample, you can still confirm the color integrity and logo placement before ordering.


If you ever want to make any tweaks or see another variation, all you have to do is ask!

2. You Have Options: We're not just talking about color options. We're also talking about designs, functionality and presentation. Check out these boxes that are custom-designed for the socks you just viewed. For such a simple item, you have a variety of options. And these realistic previews erase doubt by displaying exactly what to expect.


3. You Can Get a Feel For It: Whether it's a mug, a bag or even a pair of socks, we're just like you; we like to be able to hold the item and feel it to make sure the product is the right fit for our needs.

Giving you peace of mind is easy--just let us know! We'll mail you a sample that will also have an imprint example to give you a sense of what your logo will look like on the product!

Are you ready to ditch the doubt and order your sample?

Talk to a real person on our team today! Call 800.237.0083 or send an email to

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