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Bart, Matt, and Bri explore the complexities of relationships, and they aren't holding back. There can be benefits to working for a family-owned business, but it can also be complicated when your personal and work relationships are intertwined. What boundaries are you willing to cross, and which ones are off limits? Bri talks about the value of more intimate relationships and boundaries. What lessons has she learned from the boundaries she has encountered in her life? How have these lessons been both difficult and rewarding? Bart and Matt explore their past and how their friendship has evolved over time. They reminisce about all the good times they've had together and how their bond has grown stronger over the years. With vulnerability and transparency, these three people, coming from different walks of life, bring a great mixture of advice on how to build valuable relationships. Maybe you can walk away with a piece to implement in the relationships + friendships in your life.


instagram: @flywheelbrands

email: bri@flywheelbrands.com