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Your Smart Trade Show Guide - Part Two: Scheduling

We created this guide (or list)  to aggregate all the vital trade show to-do's, including budget preparation, defining your objectives and hitting all the right marketing channels. For part two of this post, we also wanted to give you some tips on time management for your upcoming trade shows.

Research Trade Shows to Attend: Not every trade show is going to make sense for your company. With so many events nationwide, revisit your company goals to be more selective. The registration fee and other expenses will help curb that for you as well. If you’re not sure where to find a listing, check out the Trade Show Directory or the Expo Database to get started. A simple web search can also help, especially if you want to quickly narrow the scope to your industry.

Register for Trade Show(s) and Choose Booth Location: There are a few advantages to registering early for a trade show. In addition to possible early bird discounts, you can take advantage of the best sponsorship opportunities and ideal booth location. What differentiates one location from another? The volume of foot traffic is critical; don’t make the mistake of being in the back corner or (in some layouts) on the end. You may want to avoid a place that could become too overcrowded like the main entrance, where people are dodging you to get past the mass of people. Be mindful of options with better lighting and access to electricity. There’s nothing worse than having a well-crafted plan and no power outlet to show your presentation.

Make Travel Arrangements: In addition to booking your travel plans ahead of time, take a moment to explore different booking channels, such as Kayak or Trivago. If your company travels often, advocate for a business account or frequent flyer credit card that earns points for your team. Don’t forget about a car rental, taxi rides or Uber pick-ups at the airport.

Secure Shipping Vendor for Display: For the multi-tasking marketer, working with a full-service company like Flywheel may be valuable. We store and ship displays as needed so our clients don’t have to worry about late or partial deliveries. If you like to manage the details on your own, you can certainly work with the likes of FedEx and UPS.

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