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Winning with Brand Names

Americans love their brands. From Nike apparel to Titleist golf balls, retail brand promotional products continue to yield positive feedback and higher revenues across the board.

How do brands make a difference, you ask?

  • Popular brands have earned the trust of consumers like you. By pairing your logo with them, an inherent trust is established.
  • Retail brands cost more than generic products, which creates a higher perceived value with consumers. This is especially effective for incentive programs or improving customer relationships.
  • The investment in retail promotional products is greater than non-branded items, but the payoff margins are greater, whether those critical margins are focused on engagement or revenue...or both!

A few of our clients were looking for a really impactful way to thank their best customers for their business. Because Yeti is such a hot brand right now, we advised that they consider a cooler or tumbler.

They were keen on the idea and went with it. "Awesome" was the word they used to describe the items and the feedback they received from their customers. We were so pleased to see that their investment in a retail product made the impact that they were looking for.

And don’t worry if your budget can’t afford Yeti coolers all around. There is a huge variety of quality brand name products that can be customized for your budget and needs!

BONUS TIP: If you're thinking of a retail product for your next marketing initiative, think first about your audience. What is trendy for them? What would they find useful? What item would have a high perceived value, but not blow your budget?

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